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Holistic Psychotherapy

My holistic approach to healing offers an affirming and collaborative space for exploration of Self and connection with your inherent capacity for healing. These are the modalities and frameworks that inform my work:

Contemporary Psychodynamic and Attachment Theory: I am fascinated by the complexities of our inner and relational dynamics and how early relationships and experiences during development impact the way that we relate to ourselves and the world during adulthood.

Internal Family Systems (IFS): This evidence-based model of psychotherapy founded by Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. is based on the premise that the mind is naturally multiple and that having these multiple parts is actually a good thing. This model resonates with my view of the human inner experience as it teaches that our inner parts are not good or bad, that they contain valuable qualities and that they are who they are for a reason. Our Core Self knows how to heal allowing us to become integrated and whole. 

Mindfulness Therapy: It refers to having a conscious awareness of the present moment inviting us to approach our experience with openness and without judgment. 

Transpersonal Healing: Transpersonal healing involves going beyond the personal into the spiritual and transcendent aspects of human existence. I believe that all of us are Divine beings of Light living a human experience. Transpersonal healing is the journey of re-connecting with the essence of who we truly are, releasing what no longer serves us and expanding our consicousness. 

Holistic Individual Psychotherapy

Invest: $180 

Receive: 45 minutes virtual session 


Holistic Psychotherapy for couples and families

Invest: $230

Receive: 60 minutes virtual session

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