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  • Calling Your Higher Consciousness Energy: Trusting the Magic Within

    Happy Full Moon and Summer Solstice! Have you been having more vivid dreams lately? Three dreams stood out for me a few weeks ago. I was standing in a hallway in front of an apartment door. It was supposed to be my apartment, but it did not look like my real home. To my left side, there was a beautiful dog, a Doberman. It was supposed to be my dog. Then, I noticed that my left hand was in the dog’s mouth. He had a tight grip on my hand, but I did not feel his teeth or pain. I only felt the pressure of his jaw on my hand. He was looking directly at my eyes, my eyes also gazed at his. It felt like a staring contest, a tense power dynamic. I felt some fear, but I also knew at some level that he was harmless. This scene repeated a few times. My attempts to trick him by offering him food were unsuccessful. Eventually, he would let go, but it was on his terms. The third time, I was guided to relax my hand. Then, I relaxed my entire body and completely let go of trying to figure out how to control the dog. This worked! The dog gently let go while looking at me and then we both went through the door in front of us. I saw us both walking as equals. He was wagging his tiny tale. I was happy too. When I woke up, I realized that my left hand was underneath my head and I felt soreness in my wrist. During recent months, I have been experiencing pain in my left wrist caused by carpal tunnel. I am writing a memoir, so I’ve been typing more, which triggers some pain. I had been addressing this with physical therapy which had not been fully working; so, I was trying to figure out a solution. The unsuccessful attempts to trick the dog into releasing my hand symbolize my mind’s attempts to control the pain. In the dream, I softened the energy of control and shifted the fear of being disempowered into the power of surrendering to the experience. Perhaps the dream’s invitation is to surrender to the experience of the pain rather than obsessing about how to control it. This shift has been more successful thus far. Two nights later I dreamed that I was lying down on my bed, only this bed and the room I was in looked very different. The ceiling disappeared, so I looked up and saw a beautiful peacock flying down toward me. He was approaching very rapidly and directly toward me, so I got scared. As he got closer, I noticed that he had teeth. The image of his teeth looked like a cartoonish smile, which I thought was funny. This alleviated the fear a bit, however, I still decided to put the sheet over me for protection. When he was just a few inches above my head, everything slowed down significantly. He was now moving very softly. Then, I felt the gentle touch of his head against my forehead and it felt like tingling. It felt as though he was tickling my forehead. It felt so real that when I woke up, I rubbed my forehead because I could still feel the tickling sensation. In my latest post, I wrote about a vision I received during channeling where a tall beautiful bird handed me an egg-shaped crystal from which I emerged as an Oracle. In that vision, the bird looked like a condor. In my recent dream, the bird was a peacock, but I felt like it was the same spirit animal. I sensed the same tenderness, wisdom, and grace from this bird. As with the dream with the Doberman, there was a theme of perceived fear and lack of control that showed up initially, but that later shifted into something else. This time, it shifted to an experience of tender connection and grace. The following night, I dreamed that I was in a beautiful cavern that was also a sanctuary. I was sitting in meditation and I knew I was about to fully embody my higher consciousness energy. I felt anticipatory fear. I worried that I would experience something scary. Yet, I was reminded to relax and I felt my higher consciousness energy coming into my body. As she came through, I became calmer. Then, she said, “You see? There is nothing to fear.”I felt very relaxed and in a very high vibrational state. It felt amazing. I felt her power and steadiness. Then, I noticed that my hands moved gracefully as though I was clearing invisible spiderwebs in my way. She said, “You see? You can effortlessly and gracefully remove what is not aligned. Your path is clear Dear.” What I like about vivid dreams with such clear symbolism is that they seem to leave an imprint. The information feels true and lands perfectly. The message is consistent with what I have been receiving through meditation and channeling for a while. To meet the fear with acknowledgment and curiosity rather than control. In this case, I believe I was supposed to acknowledge the fear to fully embody my higher consciousness energy. What would it mean to trust and rely completely on the life force energy that moves within me? I grew up praying to an almighty being that I thought was outside of me. It felt easier to rely on that being than on myself. I did not know that there was no separation between me and Source energy. Before these vivid dreams, I thought I had done enough self-work to know that I could trust and rely on my divinity. However, through the dreams and other powerful experiences I had during a profound Gemini season that just ended, I realized I still had fear around this that needed to be acknowledged and expanded.  Therefore, I have been calling my Higher Consciousness into my body. The image that comes through when I call her is that of a steady, gentle flame floating above my head. This flame is white with blue and golden light surrounding it. It moves down through the crown of my head and into my body and it lands at my heart. Then, it expands throughout my energy channel (the center of my body) and I begin to feel expansive. I feel like my body is embedded in precious light and that I am engulfed in it. I feel flowy yet grounded. Then, the words begin to form. It feels as though I am speaking from my heartspace. There is no doubt. I am in my center. As I reclaim my inner power I’ve been experiencing deeper trust in my divinity and its guidance. It’s been beautiful to experience it shining through during some of my sessions with clients and in my personal time. As I was writing this, I felt a message wanting to come through: “You are invited to call your Higher Consciousness into your body. She knows who you are in truth. The truth of who you are wants to be embodied in the physical vessel that you chose. Call your human parts and your divine parts reminding yourself that all these parts make the whole of you, the Divine being living a human experience. You may bring your Higher Consciousness to your heart and allow it to be experienced and expressed through you. Through the Cosmos within your heart, you access the truth: that there is no separation between you and Source. That the Divine moves in and through everyone and everything that exists. You are invited to be in this state of awareness of Unity Consciousness even for a moment every day. Then, see yourself moving through life with more presence and acceptance… joining the sacred flow of the Universe. And so it is…”

  • The Priestess Emerges: Channeling And The Oracle Within

    A few weeks ago during channeling this vision came through: A woman was sitting on a green field near a stream of water. She appeared to be a sacred woman.  A Priestess in a kneeling position with her seat resting on her feet. Although I could not see her face, I noticed the vivid colors of the green grass and flowers and how gently the water from the nearby stream was flowing. Then, my guides said: “We invite you to dive deeper and see what else you see in this vision.” I saw a beautiful big bird standing in front of the Priestess. The bird reminded me of the Andean Condor. She was majestic. I wondered what this vision meant. The first thing that came up was that the Priestess and the Bird were equals. In this vision, these two characters were not from different species. Also, they seemed to be exchanging energy. I noticed a feeling of hope. The scene that I was staring at felt tender and loving. “The Priestess shares her love with the Bird and the Bird shares her love back. Is there any message coming through this vision?” When my guides asked this, I felt like there was wisdom and power on both sides. There was a shared sacredness and an experience of communion. The Priestess and the Bird loved and respected each other. “They both stand in their foundation of love and sovereignty” The more I focused on this vision, the more I felt like there was something profound happening between these two characters. Then, I noticed that the Bird gave the Priestess something and flew away. “The Bird is placing an egg-shaped crystal in the Priestess’ hands. This crystal represents birth and new beginnings: Emergence. You are the Priestess. You are receiving the symbol of co-creation. The communion from which you emerge as the Oracle that you are and have always been. You are free. You are new” I always enjoy the visions that come up during channeling. Oftentimes, they add to the lovely energy that moves through my body as I channel. I feel more showers of goosebumps and a delicious floaty, yet grounded feeling. As a friend of mine who also channels would say, “Channeling is better than drugs!” The vision of my Emergence as an Oracle was a bit trippy but felt fantastic as well. I saw a giant vertical eye surrounded by golden light. This Eye appeared on the horizon where the sky met the still ocean. I saw the Moonlight reflected on the water. This image used to come to me at the beginning of channeling sessions during the first few months of this year. I was not sure what it meant, but when the giant vertical Eye emerged where the sky met the ocean, the message that came through was consistent: “Concentrate on this vision allowing multidimensional energy to come through the portal” (The Eye) “Portal, Oracle, Channel, and Bridge. Allow this to open within you” I googled the term Oracle. It is used to refer to “a priest or priestess acting as a medium bringing messages from the Divine.” Then, I searched for the term Channeler. This term often refers to “a person who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits.” Both definitions seem very similar to me. When I first became intrigued by channeling about four years ago, I saw it as something esoteric, paranormal, and bizarre. After I took two channeling courses, read countless books on the topic, and received mentorship with Mediums, Energy Healers, and Channelers, I began to use automatic writing to bring messages through. At first, the messages did not make a lot of sense. I wondered if I was making everything up. I thought perhaps I was just accessing thoughts of my unconscious. With time, I switched to verbal channeling and the messages became clearer and very consistent. The content of the messages felt different from my usual thoughts and I could differentiate my mind’s thoughts from the thoughts coming in through channeling. I have also gotten a clearer sense of who my guides are and the nature of our connection. My guides have said many times that there is nothing paranormal about channeling and that it is important to demystify this experience. After about two years of channeling, it feels completely natural. It is clear to me that everyone channels. It just looks different for different people. I see Channeling showing up as a profound moment of inspiration, an expansive spark of creativity. I believe that Channeling happens in experiences of deep presence. The kind of presence when your mind is much less active and you are completely relaxed and expansive. Some artists and performers speak about losing themselves and becoming one with the experience on stage. Some people feel this way when they profoundly connect with nature. Others experience it with plant medicine, prayer, intuitive dance, or other mind-body-spirit practices such as breathwork, yoga, or qigong. The main themes I receive through channeling are communion, unity, wholeness, sovereignty, and flow. Often, I receive visions inviting me to travel through time and space. Sometimes, I am invited to revisit memories allowing a shift and expansion of my perception of those memories. I speak about this in a previous post. Embodied Imagination Other times, I step into fantastical spaces such as this one of me as a Priestess communing with a wise, loving bird. This week, a song came on the radio when I was driving. The title, “Vuela, Vuela,” translates to “Fly, Fly.” This song was released originally in French in 1986 as “Voyage, Voyage,” but the version I was familiar with was from a Mexican band called Magneto. They released the song in Spanish in 1991. The original lyrics talk about traveling to different parts of the world to connect with others or to connect with yourself. The invitation is to “go with all your heart and teeter into the unknown.” The 1991 Spanish version talks about “flying with your imagination to find a new world…fly, fly, none will control your visions…fly, fly, you will see that everything is possible…fly, fly, awaken your mind” I was stunned to hear this song on the radio. I have not heard it in over 20 years. To me, this was not a coincidence. I prefer the word synchronicity. I was also surprised when I googled the lyrics of this song. I played it so much back in the 90s because it made me feel free and happy, but I was not conscious of its message. Thus, I had a big smile on my face as I continued to read the lyrics: “If you are looking for a place where the sky merges with the sea, fly, fly with your imagination. Flying you will find a new world, just let yourself go” “A place where the sky merges with the sea.” Isn’t this the same place in my vision of the giant Eye that opens letting multidimensional energy in? The original “voyage, voyage” song speaks about traveling to connect with others or with yourself and to “teeter into the unknown;” All of this is channeling! The song has been playing in my head all week, so I figured that I was meant to speak about it here. I realized that this post was meant to be about my emergence as a channel and oracle. I referenced in a previous post the song “Pure Imagination” from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. You can enjoy a lovely version of the song here: Pure Imagination song/video For me, pure imagination is a state of freedom and allowance. It is pure because I am grounded in love. I use relaxation and grounding practices to arrive at a calm meditative state. From there, I open the gates of my imagination with a clear intention: To commune with multidimensional energies of Universal Love and Light that are aligned with my sacred heart. The Portal/the channel/the oracle opens and then I let myself fly. At first, there was a part of me trying to intellectualize the experience. With time, my mind relaxed and I learned to trust. As the song says “Don’t be shy, it’s alright if you feel a little trepidation. Sometimes these things don’t need explanation” I hope that this post inspires you to notice moments of deep presence and freedom. And if you feel so inclined, I invite you to tap into that feeling and nurture your imagination!

  • Connecting To The Energy of Allowance

    In the spirit of expansion and to support you with the integration of the shifting energies of these times, I am sharing a meditation to tune into Allowance. Allowance to be in the now moment. When I channel, I am often guided on visualizations and meditative exercises. Sometimes, I get the sense that the meditation is meant to be shared. When that happens, I begin with cleansing breaths and let the words come in. There is no planning ahead before recording; therefore, at the beginning my energy tends to have some trepidation. My mind needs a bit of time to surrender the need to know what is coming and/or to control the choice of words, the duration of the meditation, etc. But at some point, I let go and allow my inner wisdom to guide the process. Oftentimes, I do get a sense of the general theme of the meditation and then some images may come to mind that give me a clue about where we might be heading with the exercise. However, at some point, I always get surprised. That is the fun part about channeling. For this meditation, I got a sense that the theme would be "allowance". After I started to record, an image came to mind of me being at the beach. I did not anticipate nor plan what followed from there. I figured I would share about my process with recording meditations because I think it is a good example of allowance. Once I let go, allowance is always pleasant and rewarding . I hope, in reading or listening to this, that you get to connect to the energy of allowance. Enjoy! Here is the transcription in case you prefer to read through it: "You may begin with a cleansing breath... Taking a deep breath to the belly, and exhaling through the mouth. And from there, just allow the breath to be what it wants to be. The invitation for this meditation is to connect with the energy of allowance and receptivity. So just honor this choice that you made to be with yourself, to pause, and to receive. Receiving sometimes sounds easy, but it is not. So, I want to support you today, right now, with connecting to this energy and allowing yourself to receive. Yes, yes, yes, yes! Allow yourself to receive. So, as you sit comfortably, or you lay down, whatever is more comfortable for you, continue to connect with your breath allowing it to give you the medicine that your body needs right now. So, just allow the breath to be what it is, trusting that it shifts depending on what your body needs at this moment. Now, imagine yourself standing at the beach. As you continue to connect with the breath. Feel your feet on the sand, feel the breeze, feel the sunshine, and look at the ocean in front of you. See the waves coming in and out. Now the invitation is to align your breath with the movement of the ocean. So, as you stare at the waves coming in, allow the air to come into the belly. And as the waves move out, the air goes out of the body. Notice the inhale as the waves come toward you, and notice the exhale as the waves move away. In...and out... in...and out... And now just allow it to have its own rhythm. Allow for the depth and the lengthening of the breath that your body needs at this moment. And just allow yourself to be here breathing air in and out as the waves come in and out. Nothing else is required from you or expected from you, but to be in alignment with the breath and with the water of this vast ocean in front of you.... Now, if it feels good to do this, why don't you go ahead and open your arms wide. Feel your feet firmer into the sand and open your heart. Feel yourself in your chest as if you have a beautiful flower there that opens wide to receive. Receive, allow, receive, allow for all the love, all the medicine that is meant for you to receive at this now moment. And allow the energy from the center of mother Earth, deep in the ground coming underneath your feet, all the way up, spreading through your body, reaching every inch of your being. And as your arms are wide open and your heart is wide open, a beautiful ray of golden light comes from above your head, showering your whole body, bathing every inch of your being. And you are still noticing the waves coming in and going away from you as the air comes in and out of your body. And these two beautiful energies from above and below move through your body, through your being as you see yourself expanding wider and wider in the shape of a star, a beautiful pentacle shape. A five pointed star that expands and expands and expands as big as Mother Earth now. As big as the planet itself and bigger. Go beyond, further and further, until you are a beautiful golden pentacle in space. You are right there in the middle of the universe. You are a pentacle. You are connected to All that there is. There's no separation. You are in unity consciousness. Be here... So just be here for a moment, allowing any message, any vibration, in gratitude for yourself, in gratitude for your existence. And if that feels complete, you can now slowly come back. Bring your awareness to your chest and to the breath. Notice the feeling and sensations in your hands, your legs, your belly, your skin. Feel the room that you are in. Taking one more cleansing breath together... in gratitude for this beautiful choice you made to be with yourself, to be in allowance and to receive. I wish for you to bring these sensations, this beautiful energy, this beautiful vibration to the rest of your day or evening. And so it is" Music by Deva Premal, "Deva Premal Healing Mantras"

  • Total Solar Eclipse Energy: Light Surrounding Darkness

    Last weekend I noticed that I was more contemplative than usual. When I tuned in to channel on Sunday I wondered about what Monday’s Solar Eclipse’s energy would bring to the planet. Thus, I opened up to receive any medicine that this energy had for me and an image came to mind of the total solar eclipse in which the corona, the sun’s atmosphere, can be seen. As I meditated on this image of a dark sphere with a golden ring surrounding it, the first message came through. “Even during temporary darkness, or, shall we say, even during the temporary absence of light, you can still see the light surrounding it. There is light in the absence of light. And then this absence of light moves through and light fills the entire space again” This message resonated with me. It reminded me of a unique take on the term “redemption,” that my guides have mentioned multiple times in the past. I tend to be wary of religious language; metaphysical and spiritual language feels better to me. Yet, their definition of redemption landed well because it was different from what I expected. They spoke about the experience of re-visiting a memory or an experience with the aim of looking at it from a loving place, with curiosity and without judgment. The idea is to approach it from different angles, honoring and validating the point of view you have held while also being open to considering additional angles. This is not to be confused with invalidating your perception or bypassing the negative to jump to false positivism. This redemption is not about receiving absolution for wrongdoing either. On the contrary, the intention is to resist the inclination to judge and to release the shame that has kept parts of us in exile. Guilt and shame cause parts of us to hide. When we hide, we are not letting our light shine bright and to be expressed to its fullest. One of my mentors always reframes the “yes, but” with “yes, and”. Yes, that was true. And what else is there for me to see? This way we make space for re-writing and re-creating narratives, beliefs, and paradigms that developed because of limited perceptions of our experiences. In this sense, redemption refers to the act of reclaiming our energy and taking our power back. The shifting of perspective frees the parts in exile. They no longer need to hide. When I revisited the perception of my first haircut when I was a child, I was shown elements that I had not seen before. I spoke about this in my previous post, “Unbraiding and Expanding My Perspective Of The Past”. I validated the perception of that experience, honoring its negative effects on my 8-year-old self (i.e., feeling like my self-expression was cut off). I also realized that something else emerged from that haircut. I gained some independence and I was freed from the daily pulling and tightening of my hair that carried energies of tension, rejection, and resentment between me and my mother. Although I am still integrating this shift and expansion, I palpably feel a renewed energy around this memory. I feel like I reclaimed something. I recently had a conversation with my mother about this and I want to think that the negative energy that I had projected onto her about this memory was also freed. The channeling message about the Solar Eclipse continued: “May you harness the energy of this eclipse. May you see the clear golden light surrounding the absence of it. May you do this across all times, all dimensions, and all spaces. May you shift and expand perceptions, narratives, ideologies, and paradigms guided by this beautiful principle, that light surrounds the absence of it and that there cannot be rebirth without death.” This statement brings up some thoughts for me. It reminds me of the places I have arrived through the healing of grief. As painful as grief can be, each time it has offered me an opportunity for introspection, renewal, and the emergence of deeper power. I also thought about death at different levels. A while ago I read that our bodies replace billions of cells daily. It sounds like we have a new body every day and yet we do not see or feel the difference. I like to think about this every time that a part of me feels stagnated. If there is something constant and reliable in life it is change. A part of me wishes for change to happen at a certain speed or in a certain way. I also have parts of me that hold onto some things and would prefer to keep them as they are. But something I am becoming clearer about is that movement is happening all the time at some level and perhaps at many levels even when I perceive otherwise. And in my experience, when powerful change has shown up unannounced and unwanted, it has always elicited some sort of rebirthing. On Monday and Tuesday, the energy felt different to me. The best way that I can describe it is that it felt still and thick. I felt like there was depth and profound stillness. I also sensed that energy was rising from underneath the ground and that at the same time, there was potent energy that arrived from the Cosmos. This combination felt profound. Since then, I have been more still, subdued and contemplative. Also, it is more expansive and grounded. Yet, I can imagine that waves of different emotions may show up at some point as these two energies, the rising and the arriving integrate. “The Solar Eclipse brought an energy that supports this process of redemption and of re-writing your perceptions of past, present and future so that you can have a more expansive, more present and whole experience” I think that some perceptions are harder to expand and re-write than others. It all depends on what we are ready for or willing to revisit. I am curious about what else will show up for me in the coming days and weeks. If you feel inclined, I would love to hear how this lands for you or how your energy feels these days. Are you receiving any eclipse insights? 🙂

  • “Meeting” My Needs: An Invitation to Listening Deeper

    The other night I had a hard time falling asleep. I tried breathing exercises and meditation, but I still could not sleep. There was nothing on my mind. I was not in touch with any particular concern. After a few hours, I became increasingly frustrated as I began to notice body sensations that kept me awake. I felt too warm, then I felt a bit cold. I felt itchy. My hair was loosely tied in a bun, but it still felt tight. Then, I got hungry and noticed my legs were a bit sore from yoga. For each of these sensations, I thought about what to do to address them, so that I could finally feel like I had all the right conditions for sleeping, yet, nothing seemed to work. I noticed that the usual ring in my ears got louder, thus, I decided to tune in to channel and see if there was something for me to allow in at that moment. “Meeting your needs. Humans use this expression frequently. What does it mean? It seems like meeting your needs is interpreted as satisfying them. Would you consider focusing on the word “meeting” as getting acquainted with your needs before aiming to satisfy them? Also, what if you frame this experience not just as a need, but as the perception of a need?” This message helped me notice that I indeed tend to address discomfort before allowing myself to be with what I perceive. Then I thought that this thing about tending to what my body needs gets confusing. In the past, I sometimes ignored what my body needed. Are we not supposed to tend to our needs instead of neglecting them until reaching a point of further discomfort? Getting a glass of water when thirsty - that is a very basic example of satisfying a need, isn't it? What came through as a response to this question is that I was not being discouraged from satisfying a need, or a want. I was invited to consider noticing the perception of the need or a desire and being with this experience and to listen before deciding what to do about it. “You can see what else is there. Then, move accordingly. Also, are you curious about which part of you is speaking through the perceived need or desire?” I have a few thoughts about this. There are basic needs that we satisfy to survive. There are also things that we desire that enhance our lives and add to our happiness. For me, there are some wants that I am attached to that I experience as needs. Regardless of how I feel about these attachments, it is not a bad idea to become curious about them. So I reflected on the attachments I have chosen to release. For example, some old habits that felt ready to be shifted and that I parted ways from organically. I also reflected on attachments that part of me wants to shift, but that another part of me still holds on to. Sometimes there is a push-and-pull dynamic between these conflicting parts. And, I thought about some attachments that feel good for me and that I still pretty much desire to maintain. Why is it that I want those things again? I do not usually pause to reflect on something unless it is causing some type of discomfort. Perhaps once in a while, I can also pause to look at what is good and comfortable and revisit that alignment. I also welcomed the invitation to reframe the experience as the perception of a need or desire and to meet this experience with curiosity and openness. The question, “Which part of you is speaking?” caught my attention. It reminds me of the premise of IFS (Internal Family Systems). What I like the most about this psychotherapy model is the premise that we are made of many different parts. That these parts develop for a reason and they are all equally important regardless of how they feel or how we relate to them. And that developing compassion for all of our parts allows for integration and wholeness. I do not pause and ask myself which part of me needs or wants something every time that I need or want something. That feels like too much. Yet, I do set a daily intention to check in with myself a few times throughout the day. I want my aim to not necessarily be about changing my behavior, but about expanding my awareness and my experience. I want to welcome more and more of my parts. As I write this, I am enjoying a “bon bon bum”, a yummy Colombian lollipop that soothes a young part of me and connects me to happy childhood memories. I feel like I enjoy it even more knowing which part of me craves it and what she wants to soothe. Stay tuned for the voice recording of a Meditation that came through this morning. The meditation ended up being about connecting with the energy of allowance. Allowance to be who you are, what you are, and where you are. I will post it soon!

  • Embodied Imagination In Alignment With Earth Consciousness

    I have been going through a powerful inner transition. Many people I know are also experiencing a transition. It makes sense. As Mother Earth’s consciousness is shifting, we are invited to shift with her. Life feels to me like a big transition as we are constantly renewing and evolving. Perhaps this perception of my existence is allowing me to move through it with more presence and less attachment to specific outcomes. An important shift that I talked about in the last post is the way I relate to my body.  I have been meditating and channeling for several years and yet I had not paid close attention to my body in this way until recently. Last week I reflected on this idea of the body being a sophisticated antenna that communicates precious information about who we are, and where we have been, as well as our potentialities and ability to shift our inner reality. At the same time, this antenna is constantly picking up on the energies around us. For me, I’ve learned that depending on the content, it can take only a few minutes of watching the news to feel my energy shift from a calm state to an activated state. Whether it happens consciously or unconsciously, information is coming into and out of our bodies all the time. With this in mind, I tuned into Mother Earth’s consciousness asking her to show me more about how this antenna feature of the body works. As I arrived in a meditative state, I noticed pressure on the left side of my head around the ears. As usual, I was guided to deepen my breath and to expand my energy from my heart space using the image of a crystal that lands over still water that I’ve described in previous posts. I stayed in my heart for a moment and then I brought my awareness to the area in my head where I felt the pressure. An image came to mind of me at seven years old sitting on my bed. I was afraid and hiding under the sheets. From an early age, I had the feeling that there were nonphysical energies around me. Although this feeling sparked my curiosity, it also made me feel afraid. I felt as though I was often trying to figure out what was safe to allow in and what was not. This is a normal part of being a child, but it seems like as a sensitive child, it was a lot to navigate this in both the physical and the nonphysical realms. Writing about this now, I get the sense that I shut down my intuition for the nonphysical so that I could focus on the physical. Thus, when this image showed up, I felt the need to go into my childhood bedroom to be with my seven-year-old self. I undid her braids and gave her a scalp massage. She smiled. I then saw myself and my seven-year-old self surrounded by beings of white and blue light. I got the sense that they were the guides that have been around me since that age. Next, the room became very bright and I saw rainbow light moving all around us. I noticed that I had these colorful crystals on my hands and I proceeded to place them on each of the chakras of my 7-year-old self. She was excited. “All her chakras are open, cleared, and spin, emanating bright light. Allow her precious light to move through harmoniously in divine coherence. Her channel expands from her heart space in all directions to the infinite. Rejoice in how this feels” My seven-year-old self shifted from feeling afraid to feeling expansive and safe in herself. She was reminded of who she was, she could feel her love and her power. I reminded her how to connect with this love and this power inside placing one hand on the chest and one hand on the belly. Then, rainbow light moved all around her like a spiral from toe to crown and from crown to toe. Golden light moved through the crown bathing her whole body. She was happy, she was playful, and she felt secure and whole. “She forgot that she was feeling scared a moment ago. There's no fear to be had. Dear one, you walk around now fully grounded in Mother Earth that sustains you every day with the elements of breath, water, soil, and fire. You are held, and you are supported. Rejoice in the deep connection that you and all humans have with these elements from Mother Earth” The image that came next was that of my seven-year-old self walking on beautiful grass and feeling the four elements in her body. She felt the air coming in and out with her breath, the fire in her belly, the solid structures in her body, as well as the water moving through her entire system. “You see, there's no need to hold on to fear about these nonphysical energies. She can now trust her precious body, her intuition, and the gift of grounding that Mother Earth provides. She can allow her body to release any energy that is no longer coherent with her new soul template so that the areas in her head or any other part of the body can also release the pressure” At this point, I got the sense that the area where I felt pressure was holding fear and needing to control what came into my energy field. As an adult, I was releasing ideas about hiding and protecting myself. Yet, there was no threat anymore. I can allow what is in my head to be expressed. I can shift it, I can release it. I can also decide what I allow to come in. It is up to me. On multiple occasions during channeling, particularly if I tap into childhood memories, an image of me jumping rope comes to mind. I used to love jumping rope. Still do, though I have not done it in a long time. In this image, I often see my current adult self jumping rope. This time, the image came back, but it was my seven-year-old self. “You seem to enjoy seeing yourself jumping rope on the grass. There's a big tree behind you. There's a stream on your left side, and as you jump, you hear the sound of the water moving. Your hair is out, your coils are free and happy. Tap into the experience of being in full control. There's the coordination of movement between your arms and legs. There is a rhythm that happens. You can flow through the movement without thinking about what you are doing. You can even close your eyes. Stay in this flow and sovereignty. You know that you can stop at any time. You can also slow down or speed up. You can jump on one foot or both feet. And as you close your eyes, you fully trust your body, your sovereignty, and you join your flow”. I enjoyed this experience so much. I was my seven-year-old self having a blast! I imagined the warmth of the sunshine on my face and the breeze that caressed my bouncy coils. As I felt my heart beating faster I felt more alive, happy, and strong. “You can hear the sound of the water from the stream that reminds you of this flow that you found and that keeps you going. You know that you can listen to your body telling you when it is time for a break and if it needs water. How about imagining cool refreshing water moving down your throat? This hydrating water reaches every part of your body, washing out any stagnated energy. You then feel that your body temperature and heartbeat settle back into balance. You feel grateful for this experience with yourself, your precious body, and the elements.” My channeling experiences remind me of the Pure Imagination song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. “There is no place I know, to compare with Pure Imagination! Living there, you'll be free, If you truly wish to be. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it! Want to change the world, there's nothing to it!” Of course, real life does not necessarily look like paradise. Changing our situation certainly is not that simple. There is plenty that we cannot control, but I love the idea of playing with these powerful technologies to shift our inner reality. We can access our limitless imagination and the potency of our sensitive bodies. We can connect with the elements of Mother Earth to ground ourselves and experience what is there for us to experience with every moment and every breath. Here we have sovereignty. Here we let go of the need to control so we can join our flow. Connecting to our inner flow allows us to be present, and from this presence, we can expand our perspective of our present, past, and future.

  • The Body: Often Neglected, yet Sophisticated Technology

    Last week I shared about an expansion in perspective of my first haircut at 9 years old. Among other things, I realized that a part of me connected to self-expression was deeply shaped by this childhood experience. Some things were cut off or interrupted. There was also some space for me to begin to relate to self-expression through my hair in a different way. This week I continued to reflect on these identities that seemed to be shifting and asking for further expansion. I tapped into ideas about my body and self-expression. How much do they tie to my self-worth? I wanted to learn more. As I tuned in to channel, I was guided to bring my attention to my body. “Are there any parts of your body wanting to show identities ready to be shifted? For many, there seems to be a reconfiguration going on in the body at this time. What if you placed your hands tenderly over your belly with love the same way that you did when you were pregnant? This area of the body does a lot for you. There is digesting, processing, absorption, releasing, renewal and birthing not only physiologically, but also energetically” I had been experiencing bloating and discomfort so I asked this part of my body to show me what I needed to see. And as the message from my inner guidance came through I was reminded that I only rubbed my belly with love and tenderness during pregnancy. Otherwise, I am more likely to neglect that area of my body unless it is affecting my appearance or if I am having digestive issues. Then, I remembered that in Ayurvedic medicine and the Yoga tradition, the Solar Plexus is the energy center associated with personal identity. My next thought was that this made sense given that I had been releasing identity parts that no longer aligned. So, what do I do to make the bloating go away and feel good again? “What does that mean to feel good in the body? Absence of pain. Yes. Softening, relaxation, expansiveness, absence of tension. Yes, the body aims for harmony and balance. It spends a lot of energy bringing itself to homeostasis over and over again. At the same time, the body acts as a big antenna, a sophisticated technology that is not only focused on efficiency, appearance, and performance. It also holds your Soul’s energy. It is constantly reflecting the energetic processes of shifting, re-arranging, and emergence happening within. Your life force’s energy is expressed through your vessel. It guides you through your releasing, transmuting, and rebirthing” As I was receiving this message I felt Mother Earth holding me. I felt as though she was swaddling me and at the same time speaking to me about the body. Images came to my mind. Scenes that moved fast but that allowed me to appreciate how much my body has held for me. It has carried the imprint of my life experiences, my family’s, and that of my ancestors. It also guides me through the releasing, healing, and expansion. Then, I recalled a dream I had the previous night. This dream appeared to have elements of my past, present, and future. I was with my family in a new beautiful house. This house was located by the beach. I could see the blue sky and the beautiful sunshine. Interestingly, our new beautiful house was floating on the ocean and moved with the waves of the ocean, so I wondered for a moment if I would experience motion sickness at some point, but I did not. I seemed to enjoy this swaying movement of the house. I also had two showers that did not work well. Because of the movement, the water kept going out to the hallway. My daughter, my husband, and I kept laughing about it. Also, at some point, my dog was missing. The dog that was missing in my dream was a dog that I had in my early 20s who passed away a long time ago. Eventually, we found her. I saw her and my current dog who lives with us in my awake life playing together. It was a happy, but strange dream. My guides continued: “In the dream, multiple elements felt unsettling. There was shifting with the waves, but there was also a felt sense that you wanted this shift and that it was supposed to be that way. For a moment you wondered if the movement would make you sick, but it did not. You thought you had lost your dog, but you found her. So, some unsettling elements got settled. The movement continued the same way that there is shifting for you and many at this time. Simultaneously, there was a gorgeous ocean, beautiful weather, and sunshine, and you were in a new house with your family and your two pets. One from the present and one from the past” I understood. Like the broken showers, the bloating and belly discomfort are signaling the shifting and re-arranging going on. Deeper layers of identities about my hair, my body, and self-expression are being re-visited, re-known, and expanded to be integrated. Yet, underneath it all, there is still a sense of equilibrium. Perhaps, I can continue to tend to my belly by being with it from a place of love. I do not need to pathologize it or be quick to fix it. I can just connect to it, give it love and listen. As I write this post, I am reminded that there is much more to the body than organs working efficiently so that we can do what we want to do. The body holds magnificent power that helps us heal. There is a reason why body-oriented therapies such as Somatic Psychotherapy have proven to be so effective. My guides often say: “You are invited to use your physical vessel to connect with a deeper level of consciousness. When you drop into the body you go deeper within the layers of who you are and beyond therefore accessing aligned multidimensional energies” Therefore, I would like to encourage you to tend to your body in any way that resonates with you. We are invited to harness the power of this free, completely accessible technology by bringing our awareness to it, connecting to the breath, and setting the intention to listen. What is your belly saying? what is the tension in your shoulders communicating beyond the tension? If there are any images, thoughts, or sensations coming through, see if you get curious about what they seem to be communicating to you. The other day I had a headache and was feeling tired, so I decided to do gentle, slow yoga on my own, just following what my body wanted to do. After a moment, I found myself speaking to my body as I moved through the poses. As soon as I was done, I wrote down what came through. I know that it may sound corny, but I will still take a risk and share it with you: “I am honoring my body and what it has experienced. I thank my body for carrying me all these years. I take you for granted sometimes, but you are always here for me and I love every inch of you. You are beautiful and perfect. We are one and from now on I intend to be more mindful of honoring this unity” I thanked the Earth and my breath. I thanked my past and honored where I have been as well as the beautiful place where I am and the wonderful adventures ahead. It was so heartfelt and organic that my body responded and the headache disappeared. I felt better. I was full of gratitude!

  • Unbraiding and Expanding My Perspective of The Past

    In my most recent post, I shared a meditative visualization connecting the third eye, heart, and sacral chakras to assist with the transmutation of the past and the emergence of the new. This week I had an experience of expansion of a memory that I would like to share with you. Last Friday, I decided to braid my hair using hair extensions. I love box braids and boho locs. I’ve been doing these styles myself for years. Sometimes I go to the salon, other times I do them myself.  I enjoyed switching from one style to the next and I love to be able to do this myself. I would play my favorite music, get my hair styling tools ready, and braid away for hours. This time, however, I was not enjoying braiding my hair. The braids were coming out beautifully and yet, I was feeling tense and even achy. Box braids with extensions is a style that can take me 6-7 hours depending on the length I choose. I did not mind. It is a whole ritual that has been very meaningful to me. It made me feel in control of creating any vision I had for my hair. In the end, I would be a bit sore and tired, but I also felt very gratified. I took deep breaths and reminded myself of how much I enjoyed this ritual. I reminded myself that I could take breaks and/or finish the style the next day. It did not work. I was confused. Eventually, I stopped braiding because I had plans to go to the movies. Thus, I decided that I would make an appointment for the next day with a fabulous braider and stylist who had styled my hair before. After the movies, I was sitting in my living room when my scalp began to ache. It is not unusual to feel some tension with box braids. When you grow up having your hair braided daily, you almost do not even notice this tension. This time, the tension was pretty bad. It was as if my scalp was yelling, “Take these braids down now!” So, I did. I undid four hours of work and took all the braids out. Although it was frustrating, I felt relieved and clear that for some reason I did not want the braids at the moment. The next morning I woke up feeling sad. I tuned in allowing my body to show me what this sadness was about. As I tended to the sadness, tears began to flow. Grief became palpable. I then got the sense that I was releasing a part of my identity related to my hair. But I’ve never loved my hair more than I do now and adding hair extensions to switch styles had nothing to do with not loving my hair. So, why am I feeling sad?  A thought came in that “releasing, shifting, and/or transmuting something that no longer aligns can be sad even if I am gaining something beautiful. Even if I arrive at the awareness that I unapologetically love my coils, a loss is still a loss. Also, I felt as though I was losing a very meaningful ritual. But then I tuned in more and realized that I did not have to stop doing the braids. The use of extensions was not the issue here. There was more underneath that was calling my attention and that I needed to explore. A few days later I was in the middle of a channeling session in ceremony with Cacao when my guides took me on a powerful journey that took me deeper into this exploration. I was shown an image of my inner child. She was around 9-10 years old. I could tell that she felt constricted, and ashamed. She didn't want her hair to look that way. A message came through: “There was no love, nor appreciation for her hair. Therefore, a big part of her shrunk. She felt she needed to hide her hair, change it, replace it. It was no longer hers. You can feel this inner child’s shame now. It brings you sadness to feel embarrassed about how she looks. She is inviting you to move beyond this embarrassment and see her beauty. See her beautiful eyes, her beautiful skin, her beautiful hair. You are invited to make her feel loved, and appreciated, make her feel beautiful. You know now that she is a multidimensional being full of power, full of beauty. Yes, you can go there where she is. Play with her hair, play with delicious creams and hair lotions. Try different styles. Make her feel creative, expansive, and free to express herself.” As this message was coming through, I remembered that my mother cut my hair very short when I was 9-10 years old. I went from below the shoulder-length hair to about two-inch-length hair. She did not take me to the salon, she did it herself. I had been complaining of migraines and my mother felt badly about it. I was being treated for the migraines, but she thought that braiding my hair so tight every day was contributing to the migraines. The migraines were a symptom of layered intergenerational and ancestral trauma, which I was able to identify and process as an adult. My inner wisdom said, “You experienced a lot of shame about this haircut. You had no control over this. A big part of you was cut off. It was as if your self-expression was cut off as well.” The message continued, “At the same time you were also released from tightness and constriction in your scalp caused by the daily braiding. You and your mother were released from the tensing energies between you and her during braiding time. There was found space for you to begin to play with your hair on your own. Do you see the other side of the coin now? Your inner child part needs to take all the time she needs to release the feelings attached to her experience and to see an expanded perspective of it, but it is important that you show her the bigger picture and other possibilities”  I had addressed this experience in therapy before, but I had not seen this aspect of constriction, tightness, and inhibited self-expression that came up with the haircut. I also did not see how the experience shifted things for me and my mother. That it indeed released me from the daily pulling and tensing energies between me and her concerning my hair. So many layers there that I will continue to explore. Then, multiple images of my younger self began to appear in my higher mind. I saw myself at 11, 12, and 14 years old. My mother had been relaxing my hair straight since I was 11 years old. After tapping into memories of my relaxed hair, I also saw alternative scenarios of my adolescent self creating different hairstyles with my natural coils. I was playing with Bantu knots, puffy updos, soft twists, and rounded gorgeous afros. My hair looked hydrated, shiny, and bouncy in all these images. It felt as though I was re-writing my memories and offering my adolescent self other possibilities. It did not feel like I was denying what happened. On the contrary, I was being invited to look at this face-to-face again. This was what the sadness and palpable grief was signaling. I was being called to tend to this history, appreciating the layers with love and compassion for myself and my mother and expanding beyond it using what I now know. My adolescent self felt more expansive. I acknowledged my mother’s complicated relationship with her appearance and with her hair in particular. I acknowledged again the macro systemic layers and the effects of internalized racism. “You now see that your mom was doing the best that she could with what she knew at that time. She wanted you to look the way that she thought you would be accepted and loved because she related to her hair the same way. Decades later, you made a different choice because you wanted your daughter to have a different experience with her hair. You modeled for your mother your renewed love of your natural coils. You inspired your mother to stop relaxing her hair and embrace her beautiful curls” As I received this message, I began to smile. I felt the grief fading away. “Rejoice in the beauty of this. Not only in your ability to heal and expand your perspective of the past but also in your ability to play with quantum energy. You can use your powerful imagination and knowledge of how energy works. You know that imagination and energy are not bound by time and space. You can therefore play with re-writing memories, re-creating narratives” This exercise is not so different from techniques used in some models of psychotherapy. The premise in that context is to access the unconscious narratives and reshape them consciously. What I love about going through this visualization during a deep meditative and channeling state is that I do not approach the exercise from the mind but from the sacred heart. I experience the blissful, high vibrational expanded heart state and from there, I can also tap into not-so-happy” emotions, thoughts, and/or images. Shame, grief, and guilt all show up and are allowed to be seen and expressed, while I can maintain a level of centeredness. This is what my guides refer to as “the cosmos within the sacred heart state” and “the vastness where there is no emptiness” The different visualizations and meditations I have shared in this blog can help you arrive at your sacred heart. There, your higher self remains a guide and a neutral observer that allows all parts regardless of form or feeling to be present, to be expressed, to be re-known, to be re-birthed in Unity Consciousness. This does not happen overnight of course. Healing takes time. We peel the layers, let go, expand the perspective of our experiences, and then peel some more. What is fundamental here is to remember that denying the expression of painful parts only prolongs the process. We are invited to validate with love and compassion the expression of all of our parts allowing their transmutation, leading to our expansion, our integration…Our rebirth.

  • Unity Consciousness. Connecting the Mind, the Heart, and the Center of Creativity

    Last week I shared with you a waterfall visualization for clearing and relaxation that I use daily. The visualization starts with the image of a very gentle cascade at the crown of my head. The water falls quietly into a pool of water located right in the center of my chest. Then, as I am relaxing in the refreshing water, I see a multicolor crystal that falls slowly from the crown and lands into the pool of water in my heartspace. When the pebble touches the still water, waves ripple out in all directions making my heartspace expand and expand infinitely. This is a nice way for me to clear my energy and shift myself back into center. A few days ago, I noticed a slowing down in my energy. It felt as though someone was pushing the brakes gently, but significantly. Then, I realized that the Full Moon was approaching, so I knew that I would be harnessing the Full Moon’s light for releasing and healing. I welcomed the support and agreed with the invitation to slow down. That day when I sat with cacao and tuned in to channel, a new visualization came through. An image came to mind of two triangles. One triangle appeared inside, on the center of my head in my third eye. The second triangle was intersecting the first triangle but was positioned upside down. Then, this shape became a star and the star was now inside of a sphere. My inner wisdom encouraged me to see this shape in my third eye and to stay there while being mindful of my breath. I then set the intention to relax my body and be with the experience. A moment after, I began to see white bright light that shined through the star and filled the whole sphere. It reminded me of the bright light that I see when I look at the Full Moon. This image felt good and fitting with the current Full Moon. Then, a message followed: “You are seeing a sphere with two pyramids inside that form a star” -the word Trinity came to mind. “Trinity and Unity Consciousness…now, imagine that a ray of light comes down from this sphere. You may imagine it as a ray or as a stream of light that moves down from the Star towards a pool of refreshing water right in the center of your chest, in your heartspace. You may stay there for a moment” As I stayed there in my heartspace imagining the refreshing pool of water, I could see the stream of light filling up the entire pool. I saw beautiful sparks of light on the surface of the water that looked like tiny stars. This beautiful, relaxing pool in the center of my chest was now glowy and filled with white light. The guidance continued: “Now, you can see the stream of light moving down to reach your sacral space in your pelvis. Your pelvis is filled with a bed of red roses and you see the stream of light bathing the roses and illuminating that whole area. You may stay there for a moment” As I stayed in this bed of roses filled with white light, I began to see the stream of light making the shape of the infinity sign from the right side to the left side of my pelvis. The light moved from right to left crossing at the center of my pelvis as if it was drawing a horizontal number 8. “As you see the infinity sign and the light flowing through this shape, you are invited to rejoice in the power of letting go and transmuting. Rejoice in the center of your creativity” I noticed that this message activated grief. I knew what this grief was connected to, so I tended to it with compassion as I began to see sparkles of white light all over the red roses throughout my pelvis. I felt held. I continued to feel grief but also felt comforted. I was then guided to move the stream of light from the pelvis up toward my heartspace. Since I was already enjoying the lovely rhythm of the infinity sign movement, the light continued to follow this pattern. It moved up making the shape of a vertical infinity sign that crossed at the center of my chest and then continued its way up to reach my third eye. The flow of light moving this way continued for a while connecting my third eye, my heartspace, and my sacral energy centers from top to bottom and back multiple times. “Trinity of unity consciousness.” What does this mean in this context? I wondered. What came to my mind was the image of the Merkaba, a shape of two intersecting pyramids that form a three-dimensional six-pointed star. The way that I was introduced to this shape many years ago was in the context of metaphysics. I learned that the Merkaba shape was associated with the unity of opposite energies: the masculine and the feminine, the Earth and the Cosmos. This shape reminded us about the power of finding balance and raising our vibration. Spinning our Merkaba or light body was supposed to open the door to higher dimensions and greater levels of creativity. I cannot speak to this Merkaba concept, but I can speak to how meditating on this image at the location of my third eye helps me expand my mind and perception. I feel less constrained by thoughts when I connect to this shape. I feel as though I have a lighthouse on my head that sheds light onto what I need to see, rather than what my mind is used to seeing. Similarly, the exercise of moving the energy in the shape of the infinity sign connecting the three energy centers seems fitting with the idea of unity as well as the process of letting go, transmuting, and bringing the visions of our higher mind and the desires of our sacred heart into form. I have been speaking in this blog about navigating opposite forces and about the alchemical process that involves recognizing the divinity in pain and victimization to transmute them back into power and self-love. Easier said than done, I know. I sense that we are being called to expand our perception and to see things from a different perspective so that we can move into more alignment. This is not easy either. Yet, it seems like the integration of opposites is an important part of this process. I have also shared about how arriving at the heartspace and connecting with the cosmos within the sacred heart can bring us back to center and expansion. This week, we are adding another element to the mix. The exercise of connecting three energy centers: the third eye, the heartspace, and the sacral. This visualization can also be very helpful to us energetically. As we expand our perception, and imagination and go beyond the physical (Third Eye), as we arrive at our center (Sacred Heart), and as we release, transmute, and create the new (Sacral/Center of transformation and creativity), we allow the emergence of our True Self more fully. We then feel more integrated and more expansive. It may feel as though we are putting all the pieces in a puzzle and step by step, this new puzzle feels more aligned, more whole. Some pieces move from one form to the other, some stay the same, others shift just a bit and other pieces feel brand new. We are moving from moment to moment. Breath by breath. One piece at a time.

  • The Cosmos Within the Sacred Heart

    For a long time now, every time that I meditate, and especially when I channel, multiple images come to mind. The sequencing of these images varies. Sometimes, different elements are added to the visualizations giving it a clearer meaning. During the last few months, one of the visualizations took such a beautiful form that I thought you might appreciate me sharing it here. Initially, an image comes to mind of a gentle waterfall. This waterfall seems to come from the crown of my head. The flow of this cascade is very gentle. The water falls quietly and slowly forms a pool of water right in the center of my chest. My sacred heart. The pool looks very inviting and relaxing. It is not too deep, the water is crystal clear. It looks so soothing that I just want to stay there. Then, I see a shiny crystal coming down with the gentle flow of the cascade. It looks like a multicolor pebble that falls slowly from the crown and lands in the pool of water in my heart space. When the pebble touches the still water, waves ripple out in all directions. At this point, I usually get goosebumps all over my body. I feel this throughout my chest and arms first, then in the rest of my body. The image that shows up next is that of the silhouette of my body and waves of energy coming out from my heart chakra, rippling out to the left and the right, also forward and back as well as up and down. These waves of energy move in all directions making my heart space expand and expand infinitely. The other day, I was in the middle of this visualization when my guides kept saying “expand, expand, expand.” Then they said, “Go further and further… the further you go, the deeper you go into your sacred heart.” At this point, I thought “What?” Their response was something like “It is not important to understand this with your mind right now.” Thus, I agreed to stay with the experience and continued to expand further and further using the image of the waves rippling out endlessly. What I love the most about this visualization is that it helps me stay in my sacred heart. It is easier to stay in a meditative state. Thoughts show up, but my mind is less fidgety. What I also noticed is that even if my mind questions, doubts, or states concern, my physical and emotional bodies do not seem to match that content. I remain peaceful, expansive, and relaxed. This allows for more coherence between my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Recently, during this visualization, I asked my guides to speak about the sacred heart. Why does it feel so good to be in that refreshing pool expanding my energy? I also wanted to hear more about this idea that the further you expand your energy, the deeper you go into the sacred heart. This is what came through: “Imagine a void where there's no emptiness. That sounds strange to you. It is an eternal void where there is no concept of lack or separation. It is not a thing, it's not an entity. It is a state of consciousness, a space of vastness that is also interconnected to all things. A state of mind that feels limitless, expansive, whole, and pure. The term pure is not used here in moral terms. The purity has to do with being free from programming. Being free from ideas of lack and limitation.” The Cosmos within. After a few years of channeling and meditating, I can see what this means. When I am in a very expansive and meditative state, I lose awareness of my physicality. My heart then becomes the cosmos as my body dissipates and I become All there is. There is no longer a separation between me and the Cosmos. I am beginning to comprehend experientially how the more expansive I am, the more centered, the more coherent, and the more whole I am. I started this blog after a call from Mother Earth for grounding and aligning with her. Connecting with her through nature walks as well as through breath and meditation, allows me to stay well grounded so that my physical, mental, and emotional parts can feel safe and relax fully into the experience of the Cosmos within. I used to believe that the metaphysical and the spiritual involved going beyond the body, beyond the physical, and beyond the human parts to somewhere up there in space. What I am learning in a very experiential way is that the transpersonal and the spiritual are accessed through and with the body and with all the other human parts on board. This is Unity Consciousness.

  • Alchemizing Pain and Victimization into Power and Self Love

    During channeling a couple of days ago, my guides continued to speak about the Void without emptiness, the state of consciousness where there is no lack and all feels whole. I understood experientially what they were talking about, but I could not help to wonder about the opposite of what they described: the stuff that was not “pure,” the unloving narratives that sometimes still play in my head. What about the unwanted energies that I may still be carrying from my ancestral lineage?  I access the vastness and the cosmos within, but this other stuff is still part of me. At this point, an image came to mind. It looked like a chalice containing an overflowing substance. Then, it became clear that this substance was blood. So, my guides said: “It is important to remember that source energy shows up in different forms in the physical and the nonphysical realms. You are seeing a jar. A chalice with overflowing blood. This appears gross, uncomfortable, and almost disgusting to you. You are associating this blood with something bad, something wrong. Well, blood in this image represents a form that source energy took for the sake of your experience in this lifetime, for the sake of your soul’s expansion. Consider that the chalice represents your heart space which is filled with Source energy. The blood is part of Source energy. When you arrive at your sacred heart and when you expand further your heart energy, you can experience the void, the sacred state of consciousness, the cosmos within. Here in this state, there are no boundaries, no lack, and no separation. Now, you can see the overflowing blood that you perceive as gross, bad, or wrong as a particular form of Source energy. And when you acknowledge that the blood although looks disgusting, is also Divine as it is part of Source (the chalice) then you can see this blood in a completely different way.” As my guides were saying this, the blood inside the chalice became a beautiful flow of nourishment and vitality. I then imagined the blood moving through my veins and arteries. I could sense what felt like a pulse, a heartbeat, a powerful force of vitality moving through my body. It made me think about being alive and about beating consciousness. It felt precious. Then, the blood transformed into hundreds of gorgeous red flowers. As the flowers came out of the chalice, I could still sense their pulsating energy. It felt good. It felt powerful. It also felt loving. What a journey! This is one of my favorite things about channeling. The experience is always filled with beautiful visualizations that carry meaning and that leaves me with a deep feeling of wholeness. It makes me feel complete. I then went about my day as usual and it was not until the evening that it all came together for me. I had had my period for 15 days straight. I considered making an appointment to check on this, but my intuition guided me to wait a few more days. The night before the channeling session that I described above, I felt anger and resentment about the length of my period. When I did my night meditation, I was reminded about the purpose of my long period. It was a necessary clearing. This made sense to me, but I was still annoyed. I went to bed feeling a little better but wishing to have more clarity around this. Then, after the journey with my guides, it all made sense. I remembered the history of issues that women in my family have had with their reproductive organs. I also thought about their experiences of victimization and how much women in my family have carried pain in that area of their bodies for generations. Then, it became clearer to me that I was undergoing significant shedding and cleansing of my stagnated unhealed energies, but also those of my mother and her mother. I was alchemizing pain and victimization into power and self-love. The image of the “gross blood” transformed into “pulsating red roses” represented this alchemy. It was helpful to be reminded that when I release and alchemize I can mindfully acknowledge and honor my mother’s pain and her mother’s pain as well as their beauty, strengths, and fire within. Although it was not my responsibility to carry this pain for them, I now take accountability for the unconscious decision to carry it as a way to help them. I can also use my sovereignty to make a conscious decision to heal it. That evening, I set the intention to honor these women’s journeys of healing again and to expand my perspective about my period and its clearing, and healing purpose.

  • Meditation for Grounding and Alignment

    A few weeks ago I noticed that I was feeling an activating surge of energy. It felt great. I appreciated the mobilizing and inspiring energy conducive to creativity. Simultaneously, there was some turbulence moving through me. I noticed moments of sudden reactivity to small things. This reactivity felt disruptive and a bit confusing. I also noticed that a few times, even if I went for a lovely hike in nature after work, I still found myself ungrounded at night. Thus, during my channeling, I checked in about this and my guides lovingly guided me through a meditation that helped me ground the activating energy bringing me back into flow. It felt so good to slow down this way that I agreed with the guidance to share the journey with you. For this meditation, I suggest that you find about 20 minutes of your time. The meditation is 17 minutes long. You may sit or lie down in a quiet space and set the intention to join me and Mother Earth on this journey. There is nothing else required, but if you feel inclined, you may bring elements that add to your environment feeling comfortable and conducive for meditation, such as candlelight, incense, or your favorite crystal. Feel free to call in your guides as well. Our guides are always available with their loving presence, especially when we invite them to support us. This meditation is intended to slow things down, so bear with me as my guides are aiming to turn down the volume sort of speak so that you can settle into the body and ground yourself. Even my speech sounds very slow at the beginning. I found myself elongating syllables as Mother Earth’s energy and other multidimensional energies came through to merge with mine. There is also some visualization in this meditation. If you are not a big fan of visualization, no worries! You can just stay with the breath and with my voice, and the intention to allow the frequencies embedded in this journey to reach you. Just staying with that would benefit your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. I hope that you find this helpful. Please let me know how it was for you. When I meditate with others, I love to hear about their images, sensations, thoughts, and shifts in energy. Whatever comes up for you, I invite you to roll with it and be with it. And if not much comes up, that is perfect as well. Even if you do not feel anything, even if you feel like there is not much grounding, remember that it is all about intention. If your genuine intention is there, the vibration and energetics of the meditation will reach you and will benefit you at some level or another. My sense is that we will experience more activating energy within the next few weeks, which will likely be conducive to creating and stepping into action. We are interconnected, so we pick up from other people’s activating energy as well. This can either lead to aligned group efforts and collaborations and/or unpleasant, disruptive interactions given that we are being invited to release and move beyond what no longer aligns. In these shifting, powerful times any grounding practice of your preference can be an amazing tool to help you navigate these inner and inter dynamics in a way that supports you with acting on your passions and bringing your visions into form. This week, the New Moon energy eased things for me. There was less activation. I felt much more spaciousness. Although I’ve been motivated and creative, it has felt easier to slow down and just be. I am curious how this week has been for you thus far. If you feel inclined, share a little or as much as you want. Is there anything that I’ve shared so far in this blog that resonates with you? I’d love to hear from you!

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