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  • Alchemizing Pain and Victimization into Power and Self Love

    During channeling a couple of days ago, my guides continued to speak about the Void without emptiness, the state of consciousness where there is no lack and all feels whole. I understood experientially what they were talking about, but I could not help to wonder about the opposite of what they described: the stuff that was not “pure,” the unloving narratives that sometimes still play in my head. What about the unwanted energies that I may still be carrying from my ancestral lineage?  I access the vastness and the cosmos within, but this other stuff is still part of me. At this point, an image came to mind. It looked like a chalice containing an overflowing substance. Then, it became clear that this substance was blood. So, my guides said: “It is important to remember that source energy shows up in different forms in the physical and the nonphysical realms. You are seeing a jar. A chalice with overflowing blood. This appears gross, uncomfortable, and almost disgusting to you. You are associating this blood with something bad, something wrong. Well, blood in this image represents a form that source energy took for the sake of your experience in this lifetime, for the sake of your soul’s expansion. Consider that the chalice represents your heart space which is filled with Source energy. The blood is part of Source energy. When you arrive at your sacred heart and when you expand further your heart energy, you can experience the void, the sacred state of consciousness, the cosmos within. Here in this state, there are no boundaries, no lack, and no separation. Now, you can see the overflowing blood that you perceive as gross, bad, or wrong as a particular form of Source energy. And when you acknowledge that the blood although looks disgusting, is also Divine as it is part of Source (the chalice) then you can see this blood in a completely different way.” As my guides were saying this, the blood inside the chalice became a beautiful flow of nourishment and vitality. I then imagined the blood moving through my veins and arteries. I could sense what felt like a pulse, a heartbeat, a powerful force of vitality moving through my body. It made me think about being alive and about beating consciousness. It felt precious. Then, the blood transformed into hundreds of gorgeous red flowers. As the flowers came out of the chalice, I could still sense their pulsating energy. It felt good. It felt powerful. It also felt loving. What a journey! This is one of my favorite things about channeling. The experience is always filled with beautiful visualizations that carry meaning and that leaves me with a deep feeling of wholeness. It makes me feel complete. I then went about my day as usual and it was not until the evening that it all came together for me. I had had my period for 15 days straight. I considered making an appointment to check on this, but my intuition guided me to wait a few more days. The night before the channeling session that I described above, I felt anger and resentment about the length of my period. When I did my night meditation, I was reminded about the purpose of my long period. It was a necessary clearing. This made sense to me, but I was still annoyed. I went to bed feeling a little better but wishing to have more clarity around this. Then, after the journey with my guides, it all made sense. I remembered the history of issues that women in my family have had with their reproductive organs. I also thought about their experiences of victimization and how much women in my family have carried pain in that area of their bodies for generations. Then, it became clearer to me that I was undergoing significant shedding and cleansing of my stagnated unhealed energies, but also those of my mother and her mother. I was alchemizing pain and victimization into power and self-love. The image of the “gross blood” transformed into “pulsating red roses” represented this alchemy. It was helpful to be reminded that when I release and alchemize I can mindfully acknowledge and honor my mother’s pain and her mother’s pain as well as their beauty, strengths, and fire within. Although it was not my responsibility to carry this pain for them, I now take accountability for the unconscious decision to carry it as a way to help them. I can also use my sovereignty to make a conscious decision to heal it. That evening, I set the intention to honor these women’s journeys of healing again and to expand my perspective about my period and its clearing, and healing purpose.

  • The Cosmos Within the Sacred Heart

    For a long time now, every time that I meditate, and especially when I channel, multiple images come to mind. The sequencing of these images varies. Sometimes, different elements are added to the visualizations giving it a clearer meaning. During the last few months, one of the visualizations took such a beautiful form that I thought you might appreciate me sharing it here. Initially, an image comes to mind of a gentle waterfall. This waterfall seems to come from the crown of my head. The flow of this cascade is very gentle. The water falls quietly and slowly forms a pool of water right in the center of my chest. My sacred heart. The pool looks very inviting and relaxing. It is not too deep, the water is crystal clear. It looks so soothing that I just want to stay there. Then, I see a shiny crystal coming down with the gentle flow of the cascade. It looks like a multicolor pebble that falls slowly from the crown and lands in the pool of water in my heart space. When the pebble touches the still water, waves ripple out in all directions. At this point, I usually get goosebumps all over my body. I feel this throughout my chest and arms first, then in the rest of my body. The image that shows up next is that of the silhouette of my body and waves of energy coming out from my heart chakra, rippling out to the left and the right, also forward and back as well as up and down. These waves of energy move in all directions making my heart space expand and expand infinitely. The other day, I was in the middle of this visualization when my guides kept saying “expand, expand, expand.” Then they said, “Go further and further… the further you go, the deeper you go into your sacred heart.” At this point, I thought “What?” Their response was something like “It is not important to understand this with your mind right now.” Thus, I agreed to stay with the experience and continued to expand further and further using the image of the waves rippling out endlessly. What I love the most about this visualization is that it helps me stay in my sacred heart. It is easier to stay in a meditative state. Thoughts show up, but my mind is less fidgety. What I also noticed is that even if my mind questions, doubts, or states concern, my physical and emotional bodies do not seem to match that content. I remain peaceful, expansive, and relaxed. This allows for more coherence between my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Recently, during this visualization, I asked my guides to speak about the sacred heart. Why does it feel so good to be in that refreshing pool expanding my energy? I also wanted to hear more about this idea that the further you expand your energy, the deeper you go into the sacred heart. This is what came through: “Imagine a void where there's no emptiness. That sounds strange to you. It is an eternal void where there is no concept of lack or separation. It is not a thing, it's not an entity. It is a state of consciousness, a space of vastness that is also interconnected to all things. A state of mind that feels limitless, expansive, whole, and pure. The term pure is not used here in moral terms. The purity has to do with being free from programming. Being free from ideas of lack and limitation.” The Cosmos within. After a few years of channeling and meditating, I can see what this means. When I am in a very expansive and meditative state, I lose awareness of my physicality. My heart then becomes the cosmos as my body dissipates and I become All there is. There is no longer a separation between me and the Cosmos. I am beginning to comprehend experientially how the more expansive I am, the more centered, the more coherent, and the more whole I am. I started this blog after a call from Mother Earth for grounding and aligning with her. Connecting with her through nature walks as well as through breath and meditation, allows me to stay well grounded so that my physical, mental, and emotional parts can feel safe and relax fully into the experience of the Cosmos within. I used to believe that the metaphysical and the spiritual involved going beyond the body, beyond the physical, and beyond the human parts to somewhere up there in space. What I am learning in a very experiential way is that the transpersonal and the spiritual are accessed through and with the body and with all the other human parts on board. This is Unity Consciousness.

  • Meditation for Grounding and Alignment

    A few weeks ago I noticed that I was feeling an activating surge of energy. It felt great. I appreciated the mobilizing and inspiring energy conducive to creativity. Simultaneously, there was some turbulence moving through me. I noticed moments of sudden reactivity to small things. This reactivity felt disruptive and a bit confusing. I also noticed that a few times, even if I went for a lovely hike in nature after work, I still found myself ungrounded at night. Thus, during my channeling, I checked in about this and my guides lovingly guided me through a meditation that helped me ground the activating energy bringing me back into flow. It felt so good to slow down this way that I agreed with the guidance to share the journey with you. For this meditation, I suggest that you find about 20 minutes of your time. The meditation is 17 minutes long. You may sit or lie down in a quiet space and set the intention to join me and Mother Earth on this journey. There is nothing else required, but if you feel inclined, you may bring elements that add to your environment feeling comfortable and conducive for meditation, such as candlelight, incense, or your favorite crystal. Feel free to call in your guides as well. Our guides are always available with their loving presence, especially when we invite them to support us. This meditation is intended to slow things down, so bear with me as my guides are aiming to turn down the volume sort of speak so that you can settle into the body and ground yourself. Even my speech sounds very slow at the beginning. I found myself elongating syllables as Mother Earth’s energy and other multidimensional energies came through to merge with mine. There is also some visualization in this meditation. If you are not a big fan of visualization, no worries! You can just stay with the breath and with my voice, and the intention to allow the frequencies embedded in this journey to reach you. Just staying with that would benefit your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. I hope that you find this helpful. Please let me know how it was for you. When I meditate with others, I love to hear about their images, sensations, thoughts, and shifts in energy. Whatever comes up for you, I invite you to roll with it and be with it. And if not much comes up, that is perfect as well. Even if you do not feel anything, even if you feel like there is not much grounding, remember that it is all about intention. If your genuine intention is there, the vibration and energetics of the meditation will reach you and will benefit you at some level or another. My sense is that we will experience more activating energy within the next few weeks, which will likely be conducive to creating and stepping into action. We are interconnected, so we pick up from other people’s activating energy as well. This can either lead to aligned group efforts and collaborations and/or unpleasant, disruptive interactions given that we are being invited to release and move beyond what no longer aligns. In these shifting, powerful times any grounding practice of your preference can be an amazing tool to help you navigate these inner and inter dynamics in a way that supports you with acting on your passions and bringing your visions into form. This week, the New Moon energy eased things for me. There was less activation. I felt much more spaciousness. Although I’ve been motivated and creative, it has felt easier to slow down and just be. I am curious how this week has been for you thus far. If you feel inclined, share a little or as much as you want. Is there anything that I’ve shared so far in this blog that resonates with you? I’d love to hear from you!

  • Aligning with Mother Earth’s Expansion: Reclaiming Your Power and Letting Go

    An image comes to mind… two planet Earths side by side. Are they two different Earths, two dimensions, or two realities? As Earth expands and elevates in consciousness, you may feel as though you live in two different Earths simultaneously. On one Earth you feel called to do the things that you are passionate about. You see beauty that you had not noticed before. You step into your power, you share your voice, and you become aware of potentialities within you and in people around you. You experience breakthroughs. You or someone you know shifts their perspective. This new perspective feels more expansive, more whole, and authentic. On the second Earth, you feel judged or overpowered. An outcome that you have been waiting for gets unexpectedly delayed. You or people around you experience waves of irritability, sadness, overwhelm, or confusion. Part of it appears to relate to external circumstances and part of it seems to come out of nowhere. You may experience these two very different realities in one week, perhaps in one day, or even in one hour. And it feels as though, you are living in two Earths or two realities that play out very differently and that evoke contradictory vibrational states. One state feels expansive, the other feels constrictive. You may say, well, isn’t that a normal part of life? Yes, but Mother Earth’s expansion and elevation of consciousness seem to amplify this experience of opposites. Both realities show up with increased intensity. There is an unwinding, disruptive force that reveals what needs to be released. At the same time, there is a liberating, emerging force that allows for something new. Mother Earth is expanding rapidly. As she expands, you are expanding with her. As you embody more of your soul energy, as you weave your energy with multidimensional energies from the Earth and the Cosmos, there is also an unavoidable unwinding of old structures that takes place. Pockets of stagnated energy need to be released. You are being invited to integrate the new and alchemize the old. Stagnated energy can feel like a grip causing discomfort. Noticing the discomfort that arises is helpful as it signals what's happening inside. You can lovingly speak to these stagnated energies. Remind them who they are in essence: Divine Light whose nature is to expand and move freely back into flow. The release of the grip will happen eventually, but the exercise of bringing your attention to the body to support this release can make the process go more smoothly. Accordance and allowance are key elements here because rushing the release, judging what feels uncomfortable, or bypassing it is often counterproductive. Mother Earth is available to help. She invites you to pause, take a deep breath, and call her energy into the body. Then, you are welcome to drop into your sacred heart bringing your awareness to your chest and setting an intention to allow the stagnated energies to soften and let go, not by command, but by invitation. When dealing with the ups and downs, the intense opposite realities, we suggest that you check in with yourself throughout the day and notice what you choose to align with. Notice how that feels in the body. See if emotions and narratives are playing out. When we say “choose”, we understand that this choice is unconscious. This is why it is so important to not dwell in the judgment of yourself for the alignment with any given energy. It does not matter if you are aligned with despair causing you to feel constriction because you can always check in with that feeling, validate it, perhaps explore what it may be connected to, and then set the intention to shift your vibrational state back to expansiveness. You can go from what appears to be a lack of control, to a reclamation of your power. Mother Earth invites you to embody your Sovereignty. When you are in Sovereignty, you are in your power. We are not talking about the power to control things. On the contrary, we are referring to the power to surrender the need to control. When you are in sovereignty, you are in your intention, but you are also in flow. You choose to be in your sacred heart and with what is. When you are with what is from a place of Sovereignty, you trust that what is is what is and that nothing is permanent. This doesn't mean that you are not going to have moments of despair, rage, judgment, or overwhelm. It means that when you are overwhelmed, you remember to drop into the sacred heart to listen to your inner wisdom and to receive the guidance that you need so that you can shift your vibrational state. You may gain clarity about what the overwhelm is about and get ideas about what to do about it. You may just accept what is and use the support from the breath and any other mind-body practice of your choice to feel better. What you will see after that is that the Universe responds to your decision accordingly. This response from the Universe may show up as someone calling you to talk about something fun or as a song that plays on the radio that takes your mind off the situation. Whether you decide to reach out to your friend or it is your friend who reaches out to you, both start with your choice to arrive at the sacred heart, embody your Sovereignty, and shift your vibrational state back to balance, back to flow. Whether this takes you seconds, minutes, or days, just remind yourself that energy is meant to move freely and that with consistent practice, you can navigate these shifts and will be able to move more smoothly from constriction into expansiveness. Also, stay tuned for an audio-guided meditation coming soon.

  • An Invitation from Divine Mother Earth

    Humanity is undergoing a major process of shifting, unveiling, unweaving, and restructuring. This process although necessary may make us feel ungrounded and in dis-ease. While Mother Earth’s energy elevates and expands to higher levels of consciousness, it merges with other cosmic energies that support this Universal expansion. This profound weaving of multidimensional energies is happening at the individual level and the collective level. As we expand, shift, and evolve and as we peel the layers, we are shown different aspects and parts of ourselves. While some of these parts feel more expansive and loving, others may feel constrictive and unnerving. Therefore, we are being called, we are being invited to be with what is, to notice what happens within and around us, to feel, and to experience what is from a place of love. But being with what is can feel scary, heartbreaking, and even chaotic at times. And when we experience discomfort, we are likely to want it to disappear. This is why the Spirit of Mother Earth is eager and delighted to help. She brings in her Divine, grounding energy and makes it available to us. Her invitation is to mindfully allow her to come up through the bottom of the feet, all the way through our body. She invites us to arrive at our sacred heart, our heart energy center. As we take deep breaths, we bring our awareness to the area of our chest where the heart energy center resides. We then, allow for each breath to bring all our presence and all our energy back to the body so that we can be here in the present moment. We do this by intention. Nothing else is required. Mother Earth is gently and lovingly inviting us to set this intention. As we take deep breaths bringing ourselves back to presence, she takes care of the rest. Her energy calls in all of our parts. Our human parts and our divine parts. All make the whole divine being that we are. She gently and lovingly uses her energy and the depth of our breath to bring our body, our mind, our inner child, and our ego back to alignment, back to Unity. Each part of our human existence receives an invitation to join in the sacred heart. Again, nothing else is required from you. She invites you to resist the need to intellectualize this communication. There is nothing for you to do, but to set the intention to receive this invitation and to allow the process to unfold in divine accordance. Divine accordance is referred here to the idea of agreement and alignment. Often, we tend to want to force things. We want some things to happen faster, we want some things to happen this way or that way. The truth is, sometimes, there are parts of us that are not ready, that need a bit more time to feel comfortable and ready to join in, to be in agreement. Therefore, Mother Earth reminds us to be patient, to be kind, and to allow for each part to join in alignment at its own pace. The body, the mind, the ego, and the inner child are likely to welcome this opportunity to join in only when they feel ready. Our bodies in particular have gone through a lot. So, we use our breath and a genuine heart-centered intention to be with what is and with wherever we are, from a place of love and allowance. We lovingly and gently invite our bodies and all aspects of us to join in alignment, in divine accordance, in divine Unity. This blog is co-created by the weaving of multidimensional energies. I hold Ceremony with Mama Cacao allowing her spirit to facilitate this weaving. Ceremonial Cacao’s divine property as a heart opener supports my channeling. As a channel, I allow multidimensional energies aligned with me to commune with and merge with my energy. Imagine a braid, imagine multiple threads weaving with each other. My energy and my guides’ energies merge and weave together along with the energy of Mama Cacao. In this sense, my channel bridges the physical and the energetic, the Earth and the Cosmos. The seen and the unseen. This happens in alignment and divine accordance. In Unity consciousness. My guides, led by the Divine Mother Earth want to remind us that all of us are channels and that we can all co-create the desires from our sacred heart by allowing this weaving. Communing with Mama Cacao is not the only facilitator for heart opening. There are many tools available to us such as breathwork, meditation, energy work, mindful movement, intuitive dance, and a vast array of ancient and modern body-mind-spirit practices. It is a matter of finding what resonates. I will be using this space to share different body-mind-spirit exercises that I have learned, use daily, and find very helpful. I am also delighted to share about my use of these practices and channeling experiences with you. Thank you for receiving this channeled message and Mother Earth’s invitation. I welcome your shares about any resonance with this communication and invitation. In deep gratitude and peace.

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