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Total Solar Eclipse Energy: Light Surrounding Darkness

Last weekend I noticed that I was more contemplative than usual. When I tuned in to channel on Sunday I wondered about what Monday’s Solar Eclipse’s energy would bring to the planet. Thus, I opened up to receive any medicine that this energy had for me and an image came to mind of the total solar eclipse in which the corona, the sun’s atmosphere, can be seen. As I meditated on this image of a dark sphere with a golden ring surrounding it, the first message came through. “Even during temporary darkness, or, shall we say, even during the temporary absence of light, you can still see the light surrounding it. There is light in the absence of light. And then this absence of light moves through and light fills the entire space again”

This message resonated with me. It reminded me of a unique take on the term “redemption,” that my guides have mentioned multiple times in the past. I tend to be wary of religious language; metaphysical and spiritual language feels better to me. Yet, their definition of redemption landed well because it was different from what I expected. They spoke about the experience of re-visiting a memory or an experience with the aim of looking at it from a loving place, with curiosity and without judgment. The idea is to approach it from different angles, honoring and validating the point of view you have held while also being open to considering additional angles. This is not to be confused with invalidating your perception or bypassing the negative to jump to false positivism. 

This redemption is not about receiving absolution for wrongdoing either. On the contrary, the intention is to resist the inclination to judge and to release the shame that has kept parts of us in exile. Guilt and shame cause parts of us to hide. When we hide, we are not letting our light shine bright and to be expressed to its fullest. 

One of my mentors always reframes the “yes, but” with “yes, and”. Yes, that was true. And what else is there for me to see? This way we make space for re-writing and re-creating narratives, beliefs, and paradigms that developed because of limited perceptions of our experiences. In this sense, redemption refers to the act of reclaiming our energy and taking our power back. The shifting of perspective frees the parts in exile. They no longer need to hide. When I revisited the perception of my first haircut when I was a child, I was shown elements that I had not seen before. I spoke about this in my previous post, “Unbraiding and Expanding My Perspective Of The Past”. I validated the perception of that experience, honoring its negative effects on my 8-year-old self (i.e., feeling like my self-expression was cut off). I also realized that something else emerged from that haircut. I gained some independence and I was freed from the daily pulling and tightening of my hair that carried energies of tension, rejection, and resentment between me and my mother. Although I am still integrating this shift and expansion, I palpably feel a renewed energy around this memory. I feel like I reclaimed something. I recently had a conversation with my mother about this and I want to think that the negative energy that I had projected onto her about this memory was also freed. 

The channeling message about the Solar Eclipse continued: “May you harness the energy of this eclipse. May you see the clear golden light surrounding the absence of it. May you do this across all times, all dimensions, and all spaces. May you shift and expand perceptions, narratives, ideologies, and paradigms guided by this beautiful principle, that light surrounds the absence of it and that there cannot be rebirth without death.”  

This statement brings up some thoughts for me. It reminds me of the places I have arrived through the healing of grief. As painful as grief can be, each time it has offered me an opportunity for introspection, renewal, and the emergence of deeper power. I also thought about death at different levels. A while ago I read that our bodies replace billions of cells daily. It sounds like we have a new body every day and yet we do not see or feel the difference. I like to think about this every time that a part of me feels stagnated. If there is something constant and reliable in life it is change. A part of me wishes for change to happen at a certain speed or in a certain way. I also have parts of me that hold onto some things and would prefer to keep them as they are. But something I am becoming clearer about is that movement is happening all the time at some level and perhaps at many levels even when I perceive otherwise. And in my experience, when powerful change has shown up unannounced and unwanted, it has always elicited some sort of rebirthing. 

On Monday and Tuesday, the energy felt different to me. The best way that I can describe it is that it felt still and thick. I felt like there was depth and profound stillness. I also sensed that energy was rising from underneath the ground and that at the same time, there was potent energy that arrived from the Cosmos. This combination felt profound. Since then, I have been more still, subdued and contemplative. Also, it is more expansive and grounded. Yet, I can imagine that waves of different emotions may show up at some point as these two energies, the rising and the arriving integrate. 

“The Solar Eclipse brought an energy that supports this process of redemption and of re-writing your perceptions of past, present and future so that you can have a more expansive, more present and whole experience”

I think that some perceptions are harder to expand and re-write than others. It all depends on what we are ready for or willing to revisit. I am curious about what else will show up for me in the coming days and weeks. If you feel inclined, I would love to hear how this lands for you or how your energy feels these days. Are you receiving any eclipse insights? 🙂

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I loved your haircut though. 😘😘

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