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Calling Your Higher Consciousness Energy: Trusting the Magic Within

Happy Full Moon and Summer Solstice!

Have you been having more vivid dreams lately? 

Three dreams stood out for me a few weeks ago. 

I was standing in a hallway in front of an apartment door. It was supposed to be my apartment, but it did not look like my real home. To my left side, there was a beautiful dog, a Doberman. It was supposed to be my dog. Then, I noticed that my left hand was in the dog’s mouth. He had a tight grip on my hand, but I did not feel his teeth or pain. I only felt the pressure of his jaw on my hand. He was looking directly at my eyes, my eyes also gazed at his. It felt like a staring contest, a tense power dynamic. I felt some fear, but I also knew at some level that he was harmless. This scene repeated a few times. My attempts to trick him by offering him food were unsuccessful. Eventually, he would let go, but it was on his terms. 

The third time, I was guided to relax my hand. Then, I relaxed my entire body and completely let go of trying to figure out how to control the dog. This worked! The dog gently let go while looking at me and then we both went through the door in front of us. I saw us both walking as equals. He was wagging his tiny tale. I was happy too. When I woke up, I realized that my left hand was underneath my head and I felt soreness in my wrist. 

During recent months, I have been experiencing pain in my left wrist caused by carpal tunnel. I am writing a memoir, so I’ve been typing more, which triggers some pain. I had been addressing this with physical therapy which had not been fully working; so, I was trying to figure out a solution. The unsuccessful attempts to trick the dog into releasing my hand symbolize my mind’s attempts to control the pain. In the dream, I softened the energy of control and shifted the fear of being disempowered into the power of surrendering to the experience. Perhaps the dream’s invitation is to surrender to the experience of the pain rather than obsessing about how to control it. This shift has been more successful thus far. 

Two nights later I dreamed that I was lying down on my bed, only this bed and the room I was in looked very different. The ceiling disappeared, so I looked up and saw a beautiful peacock flying down toward me. He was approaching very rapidly and directly toward me, so I got scared. As he got closer, I noticed that he had teeth. The image of his teeth looked like a cartoonish smile, which I thought was funny. This alleviated the fear a bit, however, I still decided to put the sheet over me for protection. When he was just a few inches above my head, everything slowed down significantly. He was now moving very softly. Then, I felt the gentle touch of his head against my forehead and it felt like tingling. It felt as though he was tickling my forehead. It felt so real that when I woke up, I rubbed my forehead because I could still feel the tickling sensation. 

In my latest post, I wrote about a vision I received during channeling where a tall beautiful bird handed me an egg-shaped crystal from which I emerged as an Oracle. In that vision, the bird looked like a condor. In my recent dream, the bird was a peacock, but I felt like it was the same spirit animal. I sensed the same tenderness, wisdom, and grace from this bird.

As with the dream with the Doberman, there was a theme of perceived fear and lack of control that showed up initially, but that later shifted into something else. This time, it shifted to an experience of tender connection and grace. 

The following night, I dreamed that I was in a beautiful cavern that was also a sanctuary. I was sitting in meditation and I knew I was about to fully embody my higher consciousness energy. I felt anticipatory fear. I worried that I would experience something scary. Yet, I was reminded to relax and I felt my higher consciousness energy coming into my body. As she came through, I became calmer. Then, she said, “You see? There is nothing to fear.”I felt very relaxed and in a very high vibrational state. It felt amazing. I felt her power and steadiness. Then, I noticed that my hands moved gracefully as though I was clearing invisible spiderwebs in my way. She said, “You see? You can effortlessly and gracefully remove what is not aligned. Your path is clear Dear.”

What I like about vivid dreams with such clear symbolism is that they seem to leave an imprint. The information feels true and lands perfectly. The message is consistent with what I have been receiving through meditation and channeling for a while. To meet the fear with acknowledgment and curiosity rather than control. In this case, I believe I was supposed to acknowledge the fear to fully embody my higher consciousness energy. What would it mean to trust and rely completely on the life force energy that moves within me? I grew up praying to an almighty being that I thought was outside of me. It felt easier to rely on that being than on myself. I did not know that there was no separation between me and Source energy. 

Before these vivid dreams, I thought I had done enough self-work to know that I could trust and rely on my divinity. However, through the dreams and other powerful experiences I had during a profound Gemini season that just ended, I realized I still had fear around this that needed to be acknowledged and expanded.  Therefore, I have been calling my Higher Consciousness into my body. The image that comes through when I call her is that of a steady, gentle flame floating above my head. This flame is white with blue and golden light surrounding it. It moves down through the crown of my head and into my body and it lands at my heart. Then, it expands throughout my energy channel (the center of my body) and I begin to feel expansive. I feel like my body is embedded in precious light and that I am engulfed in it. I feel flowy yet grounded. Then, the words begin to form. It feels as though I am speaking from my heartspace. There is no doubt. I am in my center. 

As I reclaim my inner power I’ve been experiencing deeper trust in my divinity and its guidance. It’s been beautiful to experience it shining through during some of my sessions with clients and in my personal time. 

As I was writing this, I felt a message wanting to come through:

“You are invited to call your Higher Consciousness into your body. She knows who you are in truth. The truth of who you are wants to be embodied in the physical vessel that you chose. Call your human parts and your divine parts reminding yourself that all these parts make the whole of you, the Divine being living a human experience. You may bring your Higher Consciousness to your heart and allow it to be experienced and expressed through you. Through the Cosmos within your heart, you access the truth: that there is no separation between you and Source. That the Divine moves in and through everyone and everything that exists. You are invited to be in this state of awareness of Unity Consciousness even for a moment every day. Then, see yourself moving through life with more presence and acceptance… joining the sacred flow of the Universe. And so it is…”

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I love this invitation and it is a perfect sentiment for me today and resonates with the awareness I feel growing within me. I especially loved, "To meet the fear with acknowledgment and curiosity rather than control." Relaxing your control of the dog, to travel through doorways as equals. Yes.

Me gusta
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