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Unity Consciousness. Connecting the Mind, the Heart, and the Center of Creativity

Last week I shared with you a waterfall visualization for clearing and relaxation that I use daily. The visualization starts with the image of a very gentle cascade at the crown of my head. The water falls quietly into a pool of water located right in the center of my chest. Then, as I am relaxing in the refreshing water, I see a multicolor crystal that falls slowly from the crown and lands into the pool of water in my heartspace. When the pebble touches the still water, waves ripple out in all directions making my heartspace expand and expand infinitely. This is a nice way for me to clear my energy and shift myself back into center. 

A few days ago, I noticed a slowing down in my energy. It felt as though someone was pushing the brakes gently, but significantly. Then, I realized that the Full Moon was approaching, so I knew that I would be harnessing the Full Moon’s light for releasing and healing. I welcomed the support and agreed with the invitation to slow down. 

That day when I sat with cacao and tuned in to channel, a new visualization came through. An image came to mind of two triangles. One triangle appeared inside, on the center of my head in my third eye. The second triangle was intersecting the first triangle but was positioned upside down. Then, this shape became a star and the star was now inside of a sphere. My inner wisdom encouraged me to see this shape in my third eye and to stay there while being mindful of my breath. I then set the intention to relax my body and be with the experience. A moment after, I began to see white bright light that shined through the star and filled the whole sphere. It reminded me of the bright light that I see when I look at the Full Moon. This image felt good and fitting with the current Full Moon. 

Then, a message followed: “You are seeing a sphere with two pyramids inside that form a star” -the word Trinity came to mind. “Trinity and Unity Consciousness…now, imagine that a ray of light comes down from this sphere. You may imagine it as a ray or as a stream of light that moves down from the Star towards a pool of refreshing water right in the center of your chest, in your heartspace. You may stay there for a moment” 

As I stayed there in my heartspace imagining the refreshing pool of water, I could see the stream of light filling up the entire pool. I saw beautiful sparks of light on the surface of the water that looked like tiny stars. This beautiful, relaxing pool in the center of my chest was now glowy and filled with white light. 

The guidance continued: “Now, you can see the stream of light moving down to reach your sacral space in your pelvis. Your pelvis is filled with a bed of red roses and you see the stream of light bathing the roses and illuminating that whole area. You may stay there for a moment” 

As I stayed in this bed of roses filled with white light, I began to see the stream of light making the shape of the infinity sign from the right side to the left side of my pelvis. The light moved from right to left crossing at the center of my pelvis as if it was drawing a horizontal number 8. “As you see the infinity sign and the light flowing through this shape, you are invited to rejoice in the power of letting go and transmuting. Rejoice in the center of your creativity” 

I noticed that this message activated grief. I knew what this grief was connected to, so I tended to it with compassion as I began to see sparkles of white light all over the red roses throughout my pelvis. I felt held. I continued to feel grief but also felt comforted. I was then guided to move the stream of light from the pelvis up toward my heartspace. Since I was already enjoying the lovely rhythm of the infinity sign movement, the light continued to follow this pattern. It moved up making the shape of a vertical infinity sign that crossed at the center of my chest and then continued its way up to reach my third eye. The flow of light moving this way continued for a while connecting my third eye, my heartspace, and my sacral energy centers from top to bottom and back multiple times.

“Trinity of unity consciousness.” What does this mean in this context? I wondered. What came to my mind was the image of the Merkaba, a shape of two intersecting pyramids that form a three-dimensional six-pointed star. The way that I was introduced to this shape many years ago was in the context of metaphysics. I learned that the Merkaba shape was associated with the unity of opposite energies: the masculine and the feminine, the Earth and the Cosmos. This shape reminded us about the power of finding balance and raising our vibration. Spinning our Merkaba or light body was supposed to open the door to higher dimensions and greater levels of creativity. 

I cannot speak to this Merkaba concept, but I can speak to how meditating on this image at the location of my third eye helps me expand my mind and perception. I feel less constrained by thoughts when I connect to this shape. I feel as though I have a lighthouse on my head that sheds light onto what I need to see, rather than what my mind is used to seeing.

Similarly, the exercise of moving the energy in the shape of the infinity sign connecting the three energy centers seems fitting with the idea of unity as well as the process of letting go, transmuting, and bringing the visions of our higher mind and the desires of our sacred heart into form. 

I have been speaking in this blog about navigating opposite forces and about the alchemical process that involves recognizing the divinity in pain and victimization to transmute them back into power and self-love. Easier said than done, I know. 

I sense that we are being called to expand our perception and to see things from a different perspective so that we can move into more alignment. This is not easy either. Yet, it seems like the integration of opposites is an important part of this process. I have also shared about how arriving at the heartspace and connecting with the cosmos within the sacred heart can bring us back to center and expansion. 

This week, we are adding another element to the mix. The exercise of connecting three energy centers: the third eye, the heartspace, and the sacral. This visualization can also be very helpful to us energetically. As we expand our perception, and imagination and go beyond the physical (Third Eye), as we arrive at our center (Sacred Heart), and as we release, transmute, and create the new (Sacral/Center of transformation and creativity), we allow the emergence of our True Self more fully. We then feel more integrated and more expansive. It may feel as though we are putting all the pieces in a puzzle and step by step, this new puzzle feels more aligned, more whole. Some pieces move from one form to the other, some stay the same, others shift just a bit and other pieces feel brand new. We are moving from moment to moment. Breath by breath. One piece at a time.  

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Emilce, your latest blog entry on Unity Consciousness is nothing short of revolutionary! You've managed to articulate such a complex concept with clarity and grace, bridging the gap between the intellectual and the intuitive in a way that's both enlightening and accessible. Your exploration of how the mind, heart, and center of creativity work in concert to elevate our human experience resonates deeply with me. It's a reminder of the beauty and power of our interconnectedness, not just within ourselves but also within the larger tapestry of life. The practical advice you offer for achieving this state of unity is invaluable, and I can't wait to incorporate these practices into my daily life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and…

Replying to

Wow this is so beautiful Amiga! You got me at ‘’revolutionary’’ 😀

Thank you so much for your kind, generous and thoughtful comment!


So many treasures within ourselves, if only we can slow down and tune in!

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I know, we have amazing technology in our bodies! And it is free! ☺️

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