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Connecting To The Energy of Allowance

In the spirit of expansion and to support you with the integration of the shifting energies of these times, I am sharing a meditation to tune into Allowance. Allowance to be in the now moment.

When I channel, I am often guided on visualizations and meditative exercises. Sometimes, I get the sense that the meditation is meant to be shared. When that happens, I begin with cleansing breaths and let the words come in. There is no planning ahead before recording; therefore, at the beginning my energy tends to have some trepidation. My mind needs a bit of time to surrender the need to know what is coming and/or to control the choice of words, the duration of the meditation, etc. But at some point, I let go and allow my inner wisdom to guide the process. Oftentimes, I do get a sense of the general theme of the meditation and then some images may come to mind that give me a clue about where we might be heading with the exercise. However, at some point, I always get surprised. That is the fun part about channeling. For this meditation, I got a sense that the theme would be "allowance". After I started to record, an image came to mind of me being at the beach. I did not anticipate nor plan what followed from there.

I figured I would share about my process with recording meditations because I think it is a good example of allowance. Once I let go, allowance is always pleasant and rewarding . I hope, in reading or listening to this, that you get to connect to the energy of allowance. Enjoy!

Here is the transcription in case you prefer to read through it:

"You may begin with a cleansing breath...

Taking a deep breath to the belly, and exhaling through the mouth. And from there, just allow the breath to be what it wants to be. The invitation for this meditation is to connect with the energy of allowance and receptivity. So just honor this choice that you made to be with yourself, to pause, and to receive.

Receiving sometimes sounds easy, but it is not. So, I want to support you today, right now, with connecting to this energy and allowing yourself to receive. Yes, yes, yes, yes! Allow yourself to receive. So, as you sit comfortably, or you lay down, whatever is more comfortable for you, continue to connect with your breath allowing it to give you the medicine that your body needs right now. So, just allow the breath to be what it is, trusting that it shifts depending on what your body needs at this moment.

Now, imagine yourself standing at the beach.

As you continue to connect with the breath. Feel your feet on the sand, feel the breeze, feel the sunshine, and look at the ocean in front of you. See the waves coming in and out.

Now the invitation is to align your breath with the movement of the ocean. So, as you stare at the waves coming in, allow the air to come into the belly. And as the waves move out, the air goes out of the body. Notice the inhale as the waves come toward you, and notice the exhale as the waves move away.

In...and out... in...and out...

And now just allow it to have its own rhythm. Allow for the depth and the lengthening of the breath that your body needs at this moment. And just allow yourself to be here breathing air in and out as the waves come in and out. Nothing else is required from you or expected from you, but to be in alignment with the breath and with the water of this vast ocean in front of you....

Now, if it feels good to do this, why don't you go ahead and open your arms wide. Feel your feet firmer into the sand and open your heart. Feel yourself in your chest as if you have a beautiful flower there that opens wide to receive. Receive, allow, receive, allow for all the love, all the medicine that is meant for you to receive at this now moment. And allow the energy from the center of mother Earth, deep in the ground coming underneath your feet, all the way up, spreading through your body, reaching every inch of your being.

And as your arms are wide open and your heart is wide open, a beautiful ray of golden light comes from above your head, showering your whole body, bathing every inch of your being. And you are still noticing the waves coming in and going away from you as the air comes in and out of your body. And these two beautiful energies from above and below move through your body, through your being as you see yourself expanding wider and wider in the shape of a star, a beautiful pentacle shape. A five pointed star that expands and expands and expands as big as Mother Earth now. As big as the planet itself and bigger. Go beyond, further and further, until you are a beautiful golden pentacle in space. You are right there in the middle of the universe. You are a pentacle. You are connected to All that there is. There's no separation. You are in unity consciousness. Be here...

So just be here for a moment, allowing any message, any vibration, in gratitude for yourself, in gratitude for your existence. And if that feels complete, you can now slowly come back. Bring your awareness to your chest and to the breath. Notice the feeling and sensations in your hands, your legs, your belly, your skin. Feel the room that you are in. Taking one more cleansing breath together... in gratitude for this beautiful choice you made to be with yourself, to be in allowance and to receive. I wish for you to bring these sensations, this beautiful energy, this beautiful vibration to the rest of your day or evening.

And so it is"

Music by Deva Premal, "Deva Premal Healing Mantras"

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What a great energy it is not to just read you but to also hear your voice, my dear friend!!!

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