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Embodied Imagination In Alignment With Earth Consciousness

I have been going through a powerful inner transition. Many people I know are also experiencing a transition. It makes sense. As Mother Earth’s consciousness is shifting, we are invited to shift with her. Life feels to me like a big transition as we are constantly renewing and evolving. Perhaps this perception of my existence is allowing me to move through it with more presence and less attachment to specific outcomes. 

An important shift that I talked about in the last post is the way I relate to my body.  I have been meditating and channeling for several years and yet I had not paid close attention to my body in this way until recently. Last week I reflected on this idea of the body being a sophisticated antenna that communicates precious information about who we are, and where we have been, as well as our potentialities and ability to shift our inner reality. At the same time, this antenna is constantly picking up on the energies around us. For me, I’ve learned that depending on the content, it can take only a few minutes of watching the news to feel my energy shift from a calm state to an activated state. Whether it happens consciously or unconsciously, information is coming into and out of our bodies all the time. 

With this in mind, I tuned into Mother Earth’s consciousness asking her to show me more about how this antenna feature of the body works. As I arrived in a meditative state, I noticed pressure on the left side of my head around the ears. As usual, I was guided to deepen my breath and to expand my energy from my heart space using the image of a crystal that lands over still water that I’ve described in previous posts. I stayed in my heart for a moment and then I brought my awareness to the area in my head where I felt the pressure. 

An image came to mind of me at seven years old sitting on my bed. I was afraid and hiding under the sheets. From an early age, I had the feeling that there were nonphysical energies around me. Although this feeling sparked my curiosity, it also made me feel afraid. I felt as though I was often trying to figure out what was safe to allow in and what was not. This is a normal part of being a child, but it seems like as a sensitive child, it was a lot to navigate this in both the physical and the nonphysical realms. Writing about this now, I get the sense that I shut down my intuition for the nonphysical so that I could focus on the physical.     

Thus, when this image showed up, I felt the need to go into my childhood bedroom to be with my seven-year-old self. I undid her braids and gave her a scalp massage. She smiled. I then saw myself and my seven-year-old self surrounded by beings of white and blue light. I got the sense that they were the guides that have been around me since that age. Next, the room became very bright and I saw rainbow light moving all around us. I noticed that I had these colorful crystals on my hands and I proceeded to place them on each of the chakras of my 7-year-old self. She was excited. 

“All her chakras are open, cleared, and spin, emanating bright light. Allow her precious light to move through harmoniously in divine coherence. Her channel expands from her heart space in all directions to the infinite. Rejoice in how this feels” 

My seven-year-old self shifted from feeling afraid to feeling expansive and safe in herself. She was reminded of who she was, she could feel her love and her power. I reminded her how to connect with this love and this power inside placing one hand on the chest and one hand on the belly. Then, rainbow light moved all around her like a spiral from toe to crown and from crown to toe. Golden light moved through the crown bathing her whole body. She was happy, she was playful, and she felt secure and whole. 

“She forgot that she was feeling scared a moment ago. There's no fear to be had. Dear one, you walk around now fully grounded in Mother Earth that sustains you every day with the elements of breath, water, soil, and fire. You are held, and you are supported. Rejoice in the deep connection that you and all humans have with these elements from Mother Earth”

The image that came next was that of my seven-year-old self walking on beautiful grass and feeling the four elements in her body. She felt the air coming in and out with her breath, the fire in her belly, the solid structures in her body, as well as the water moving through her entire system

“You see, there's no need to hold on to fear about these nonphysical energies. She can now trust her precious body, her intuition, and the gift of grounding that Mother Earth provides. She can allow her body to release any energy that is no longer coherent with her new soul template so that the areas in her head or any other part of the body can also release the pressure”

At this point, I got the sense that the area where I felt pressure was holding fear and needing to control what came into my energy field. As an adult, I was releasing ideas about hiding and protecting myself. Yet, there was no threat anymore. I can allow what is in my head to be expressed. I can shift it, I can release it. I can also decide what I allow to come in. It is up to me. 

On multiple occasions during channeling, particularly if I tap into childhood memories, an image of me jumping rope comes to mind. I used to love jumping rope. Still do, though I have not done it in a long time. In this image, I often see my current adult self jumping rope. This time, the image came back, but it was my seven-year-old self. 

You seem to enjoy seeing yourself jumping rope on the grass. There's a big tree behind you. There's a stream on your left side, and as you jump, you hear the sound of the water moving. Your hair is out, your coils are free and happy. Tap into the experience of being in full control. There's the coordination of movement between your arms and legs. There is a rhythm that happens. You can flow through the movement without thinking about what you are doing. You can even close your eyes. Stay in this flow and sovereignty. You know that you can stop at any time. You can also slow down or speed up. You can jump on one foot or both feet. And as you close your eyes, you fully trust your body, your sovereignty, and you join your flow”.

I enjoyed this experience so much. I was my seven-year-old self having a blast! I imagined the warmth of the sunshine on my face and the breeze that caressed my bouncy coils. As I felt my heart beating faster I felt more alive, happy, and strong.

You can hear the sound of the water from the stream that reminds you of this flow that you found and that keeps you going. You know that you can listen to your body telling you when it is time for a break and if it needs water. How about imagining cool refreshing water moving down your throat? This hydrating water reaches every part of your body, washing out any stagnated energy. You then feel that your body temperature and heartbeat settle back into balance. You feel grateful for this experience with yourself, your precious body, and the elements.”

My channeling experiences remind me of the Pure Imagination song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. “There is no place I know, to compare with Pure Imagination! Living there, you'll be free, If you truly wish to be. If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it! Want to change the world, there's nothing to it!” 

Of course, real life does not necessarily look like paradise. Changing our situation certainly is not that simple. There is plenty that we cannot control, but I love the idea of playing with these powerful technologies to shift our inner reality. We can access our limitless imagination and the potency of our sensitive bodies. We can connect with the elements of Mother Earth to ground ourselves and experience what is there for us to experience with every moment and every breath. Here we have sovereignty. Here we let go of the need to control so we can join our flow. Connecting to our inner flow allows us to be present, and from this presence, we can expand our perspective of our present, past, and future.  

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