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The Cosmos Within the Sacred Heart

For a long time now, every time that I meditate, and especially when I channel, multiple images come to mind. The sequencing of these images varies. Sometimes, different elements are added to the visualizations giving it a clearer meaning. During the last few months, one of the visualizations took such a beautiful form that I thought you might appreciate me sharing it here. Initially, an image comes to mind of a gentle waterfall. This waterfall seems to come from the crown of my head. The flow of this cascade is very gentle. The water falls quietly and slowly forms a pool of water right in the center of my chest. My sacred heart. The pool looks very inviting and relaxing. It is not too deep, the water is crystal clear. It looks so soothing that I just want to stay there.

Then, I see a shiny crystal coming down with the gentle flow of the cascade. It looks like a multicolor pebble that falls slowly from the crown and lands in the pool of water in my heart space. When the pebble touches the still water, waves ripple out in all directions. At this point, I usually get goosebumps all over my body. I feel this throughout my chest and arms first, then in the rest of my body. The image that shows up next is that of the silhouette of my body and waves of energy coming out from my heart chakra, rippling out to the left and the right, also forward and back as well as up and down. These waves of energy move in all directions making my heart space expand and expand infinitely. 

The other day, I was in the middle of this visualization when my guides kept saying “expand, expand, expand.” Then they said, “Go further and further… the further you go, the deeper you go into your sacred heart.” At this point, I thought “What?” Their response was something like “It is not important to understand this with your mind right now.” Thus, I agreed to stay with the experience and continued to expand further and further using the image of the waves rippling out endlessly. 

What I love the most about this visualization is that it helps me stay in my sacred heart. It is easier to stay in a meditative state. Thoughts show up, but my mind is less fidgety. What I also noticed is that even if my mind questions, doubts, or states concern, my physical and emotional bodies do not seem to match that content. I remain peaceful, expansive, and relaxed. This allows for more coherence between my physical, mental, and emotional bodies.   

Recently, during this visualization, I asked my guides to speak about the sacred heart. Why does it feel so good to be in that refreshing pool expanding my energy? I also wanted to hear more about this idea that the further you expand your energy, the deeper you go into the sacred heart. This is what came through: “Imagine a void where there's no emptiness. That sounds strange to you. It is an eternal void where there is no concept of lack or separation. It is not a thing, it's not an entity. It is a state of consciousness, a space of vastness that is also interconnected to all things. A state of mind that feels limitless, expansive, whole, and pure. The term pure is not used here in moral terms. The purity has to do with being free from programming. Being free from ideas of lack and limitation.” 

The Cosmos within. After a few years of channeling and meditating, I can see what this means. When I am in a very expansive and meditative state, I lose awareness of my physicality. My heart then becomes the cosmos as my body dissipates and I become All there is. There is no longer a separation between me and the Cosmos. I am beginning to comprehend experientially how the more expansive I am, the more centered, the more coherent, and the more whole I am. 

I started this blog after a call from Mother Earth for grounding and aligning with her. Connecting with her through nature walks as well as through breath and meditation, allows me to stay well grounded so that my physical, mental, and emotional parts can feel safe and relax fully into the experience of the Cosmos within. I used to believe that the metaphysical and the spiritual involved going beyond the body, beyond the physical, and beyond the human parts to somewhere up there in space. What I am learning in a very experiential way is that the transpersonal and the spiritual are accessed through and with the body and with all the other human parts on board. This is Unity Consciousness.  

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The more I read, the more I wanted to start meditating. This is beautiful.

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Yay!! that is the idea!

I feel like meditation is often associated with quieting the mind. I heard people say ‘’surrender the ego’’—I always got frustrated not knowing what that meant. And when I tried silencing my mind, she became even louder :-)

Different things work for different people. For me, the combination of deep breathing with visualization work great because they give my mind something to do while my body relaxes. Once my body settles, my mind settles too.

See what seems to work for you and try for a minute or two. If you decide to try, let me know how it goes!

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