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The Priestess Emerges: Channeling And The Oracle Within

A few weeks ago during channeling this vision came through: 

A woman was sitting on a green field near a stream of water. She appeared to be a sacred woman.  A Priestess in a kneeling position with her seat resting on her feet. Although I could not see her face, I noticed the vivid colors of the green grass and flowers and how gently the water from the nearby stream was flowing. Then, my guides said:

“We invite you to dive deeper and see what else you see in this vision.” 

I saw a beautiful big bird standing in front of the Priestess. The bird reminded me of the Andean Condor. She was majestic. I wondered what this vision meant. The first thing that came up was that the Priestess and the Bird were equals. In this vision, these two characters were not from different species. Also, they seemed to be exchanging energy. I noticed a feeling of hope. The scene that I was staring at felt tender and loving.  

“The Priestess shares her love with the Bird and the Bird shares her love back. Is there any message coming through this vision?” 

When my guides asked this, I felt like there was wisdom and power on both sides. There was a shared sacredness and an experience of communion. The Priestess and the Bird loved and respected each other.

“They both stand in their foundation of love and sovereignty” 

The more I focused on this vision, the more I felt like there was something profound happening between these two characters. Then, I noticed that the Bird gave the Priestess something and flew away. 

“The Bird is placing an egg-shaped crystal in the Priestess’ hands. This crystal represents birth and new beginnings: Emergence. You are the Priestess. You are receiving the symbol of co-creation. The communion from which you emerge as the Oracle that you are and have always been. You are free. You are new”

I always enjoy the visions that come up during channeling. Oftentimes, they add to the lovely energy that moves through my body as I channel. I feel more showers of goosebumps and a delicious floaty, yet grounded feeling. As a friend of mine who also channels would say, “Channeling is better than drugs!”

The vision of my Emergence as an Oracle was a bit trippy but felt fantastic as well. I saw a giant vertical eye surrounded by golden light. This Eye appeared on the horizon where the sky met the still ocean. I saw the Moonlight reflected on the water. This image used to come to me at the beginning of channeling sessions during the first few months of this year. I was not sure what it meant, but when the giant vertical Eye emerged where the sky met the ocean, the message that came through was consistent:

“Concentrate on this vision allowing multidimensional energy to come through the portal” (The Eye)

“Portal, Oracle, Channel, and Bridge. Allow this to open within you”  

I googled the term Oracle. It is used to refer to “a priest or priestess acting as a medium bringing messages from the Divine.” Then, I searched for the term Channeler. This term often refers to “a person who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits.” Both definitions seem very similar to me. When I first became intrigued by channeling about four years ago, I saw it as something esoteric, paranormal, and bizarre. After I took two channeling courses, read countless books on the topic, and received mentorship with Mediums, Energy Healers, and Channelers, I began to use automatic writing to bring messages through. At first, the messages did not make a lot of sense. I wondered if I was making everything up. I thought perhaps I was just accessing thoughts of my unconscious. 

With time, I switched to verbal channeling and the messages became clearer and very consistent. The content of the messages felt different from my usual thoughts and I could differentiate my mind’s thoughts from the thoughts coming in through channeling. I have also gotten a clearer sense of who my guides are and the nature of our connection. 

My guides have said many times that there is nothing paranormal about channeling and that it is important to demystify this experience. After about two years of channeling, it feels completely natural. It is clear to me that everyone channels. It just looks different for different people. I see Channeling showing up as a profound moment of inspiration, an expansive spark of creativity. I believe that Channeling happens in experiences of deep presence. The kind of presence when your mind is much less active and you are completely relaxed and expansive. Some artists and performers speak about losing themselves and becoming one with the experience on stage. Some people feel this way when they profoundly connect with nature. Others experience it with plant medicine, prayer, intuitive dance, or other mind-body-spirit practices such as breathwork, yoga, or qigong. 

The main themes I receive through channeling are communion, unity, wholeness, sovereignty, and flow. Often, I receive visions inviting me to travel through time and space. Sometimes, I am invited to revisit memories allowing a shift and expansion of my perception of those memories. I speak about this in a previous post. Embodied Imagination Other times, I step into fantastical spaces such as this one of me as a Priestess communing with a wise, loving bird. 

This week, a song came on the radio when I was driving. The title, “Vuela, Vuela,” translates to “Fly, Fly.” This song was released originally in French in 1986 as “Voyage, Voyage,” but the version I was familiar with was from a Mexican band called Magneto. They released the song in Spanish in 1991. The original lyrics talk about traveling to different parts of the world to connect with others or to connect with yourself. The invitation is to “go with all your heart and teeter into the unknown.” The 1991 Spanish version talks about “flying with your imagination to find a new world…fly, fly, none will control your visions…fly, fly, you will see that everything is possible…fly, fly, awaken your mind” 

I was stunned to hear this song on the radio. I have not heard it in over 20 years. To me, this was not a coincidence. I prefer the word synchronicity. I was also surprised when I googled the lyrics of this song. I played it so much back in the 90s because it made me feel free and happy, but I was not conscious of its message. Thus, I had a big smile on my face as I continued to read the lyrics: “If you are looking for a place where the sky merges with the sea, fly, fly with your imagination. Flying you will find a new world, just let yourself go”

“A place where the sky merges with the sea.” Isn’t this the same place in my vision of the giant Eye that opens letting multidimensional energy in? The original “voyage, voyage” song speaks about traveling to connect with others or with yourself and to “teeter into the unknown;” All of this is channeling! The song has been playing in my head all week, so I figured that I was meant to speak about it here. I realized that this post was meant to be about my emergence as a channel and oracle. 

I referenced in a previous post the song “Pure Imagination” from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. You can enjoy a lovely version of the song here: Pure Imagination song/video

For me, pure imagination is a state of freedom and allowance. It is pure because I am grounded in love. I use relaxation and grounding practices to arrive at a calm meditative state. From there, I open the gates of my imagination with a clear intention: To commune with multidimensional energies of Universal Love and Light that are aligned with my sacred heart. The Portal/the channel/the oracle opens and then I let myself fly. 

At first, there was a part of me trying to intellectualize the experience. With time, my mind relaxed and I learned to trust. As the song says “Don’t be shy, it’s alright if you feel a little trepidation. Sometimes these things don’t need explanation” 

I hope that this post inspires you to notice moments of deep presence and freedom. And if you feel so inclined, I invite you to tap into that feeling and nurture your imagination! 

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