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Meditation for Grounding and Alignment

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was feeling an activating surge of energy. It felt great. I appreciated the mobilizing and inspiring energy conducive to creativity. Simultaneously, there was some turbulence moving through me. I noticed moments of sudden reactivity to small things. This reactivity felt disruptive and a bit confusing. I also noticed that a few times, even if I went for a lovely hike in nature after work, I still found myself ungrounded at night. Thus, during my channeling, I checked in about this and my guides lovingly guided me through a meditation that helped me ground the activating energy bringing me back into flow. It felt so good to slow down this way that I agreed with the guidance to share the journey with you. 

For this meditation, I suggest that you find about 20 minutes of your time. The meditation is 17 minutes long. You may sit or lie down in a quiet space and set the intention to join me and Mother Earth on this journey. There is nothing else required, but if you feel inclined, you may bring elements that add to your environment feeling comfortable and conducive for meditation, such as candlelight, incense, or your favorite crystal. Feel free to call in your guides as well. Our guides are always available with their loving presence, especially when we invite them to support us.

This meditation is intended to slow things down, so bear with me as my guides are aiming to turn down the volume sort of speak so that you can settle into the body and ground yourself. Even my speech sounds very slow at the beginning. I found myself elongating syllables as Mother Earth’s energy and other multidimensional energies came through to merge with mine. 

There is also some visualization in this meditation. If you are not a big fan of visualization, no worries! You can just stay with the breath and with my voice, and the intention to allow the frequencies embedded in this journey to reach you. Just staying with that would benefit your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. 

I hope that you find this helpful. Please let me know how it was for you. When I meditate with others, I love to hear about their images, sensations, thoughts, and shifts in energy. Whatever comes up for you, I invite you to roll with it and be with it. And if not much comes up, that is perfect as well. Even if you do not feel anything, even if you feel like there is not much grounding, remember that it is all about intention. If your genuine intention is there, the vibration and energetics of the meditation will reach you and will benefit you at some level or another. 

My sense is that we will experience more activating energy within the next few weeks, which will likely be conducive to creating and stepping into action. We are interconnected, so we pick up from other people’s activating energy as well. This can either lead to aligned group efforts and collaborations and/or unpleasant, disruptive interactions given that we are being invited to release and move beyond what no longer aligns. In these shifting, powerful times any grounding practice of your preference can be an amazing tool to help you navigate these inner and inter dynamics in a way that supports you with acting on your passions and bringing your visions into form. 

This week, the New Moon energy eased things for me. There was less activation. I felt much more spaciousness. Although I’ve been motivated and creative, it has felt easier to slow down and just be. I am curious how this week has been for you thus far. If you feel inclined, share a little or as much as you want. Is there anything that I’ve shared so far in this blog that resonates with you? I’d love to hear from you!

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In accordance with a vision granted me during another journey, one of gently ascending a magnificent stairway of verdant ancient stone, I find each of these entries as one of those steps, inviting, preparing, venturing, expanding, assimilating, transmuting, becoming, what is and IS.

This meditation is a wonderful piece rich with gentle invitation and optimal possibilities.

I look forward to more recordings where the channel drops ever more into the resonant cauldron of their voice, fully aligned, rooted in the stream, pure vessel, the hollow bone.

With much gratitude and love. S

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