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The Body: Often Neglected, yet Sophisticated Technology

Last week I shared about an expansion in perspective of my first haircut at 9 years old. Among other things, I realized that a part of me connected to self-expression was deeply shaped by this childhood experience. Some things were cut off or interrupted. There was also some space for me to begin to relate to self-expression through my hair in a different way. 

This week I continued to reflect on these identities that seemed to be shifting and asking for further expansion. I tapped into ideas about my body and self-expression. How much do they tie to my self-worth? I wanted to learn more.  

As I tuned in to channel, I was guided to bring my attention to my body. “Are there any parts of your body wanting to show identities ready to be shifted? For many, there seems to be a reconfiguration going on in the body at this time. What if you placed your hands tenderly over your belly with love the same way that you did when you were pregnant? This area of the body does a lot for you. There is digesting, processing, absorption, releasing, renewal and birthing not only physiologically, but also energetically”

I had been experiencing bloating and discomfort so I asked this part of my body to show me what I needed to see. And as the message from my inner guidance came through I was reminded that I only rubbed my belly with love and tenderness during pregnancy. Otherwise, I am more likely to neglect that area of my body unless it is affecting my appearance or if I am having digestive issues. Then, I remembered that in Ayurvedic medicine and the Yoga tradition, the Solar Plexus is the energy center associated with personal identity. My next thought was that this made sense given that I had been releasing identity parts that no longer aligned. So, what do I do to make the bloating go away and feel good again?

What does that mean to feel good in the body? Absence of pain. Yes. Softening, relaxation, expansiveness, absence of tension. Yes, the body aims for harmony and balance. It spends a lot of energy bringing itself to homeostasis over and over again. At the same time, the body acts as a big antenna, a sophisticated technology that is not only focused on efficiency, appearance, and performance. It also holds your Soul’s energy. It is constantly reflecting the energetic processes of shifting, re-arranging, and emergence happening within. Your life force’s energy is expressed through your vessel. It guides you through your releasing, transmuting, and rebirthing” 

As I was receiving this message I felt Mother Earth holding me. I felt as though she was swaddling me and at the same time speaking to me about the body. Images came to my mind. Scenes that moved fast but that allowed me to appreciate how much my body has held for me. It has carried the imprint of my life experiences, my family’s, and that of my ancestors. It also guides me through the releasing, healing, and expansion.

Then, I recalled a dream I had the previous night. This dream appeared to have elements of my past, present, and future. I was with my family in a new beautiful house. This house was located by the beach. I could see the blue sky and the beautiful sunshine. Interestingly, our new beautiful house was floating on the ocean and moved with the waves of the ocean, so I wondered for a moment if I would experience motion sickness at some point, but I did not. I seemed to enjoy this swaying movement of the house. I also had two showers that did not work well. Because of the movement, the water kept going out to the hallway. My daughter, my husband, and I kept laughing about it. Also, at some point, my dog was missing. The dog that was missing in my dream was a dog that I had in my early 20s who passed away a long time ago. Eventually, we found her. I saw her and my current dog who lives with us in my awake life playing together. It was a happy, but strange dream. 

My guides continued: “In the dream, multiple elements felt unsettling. There was shifting with the waves, but there was also a felt sense that you wanted this shift and that it was supposed to be that way. For a moment you wondered if the movement would make you sick, but it did not. You thought you had lost your dog, but you found her. So, some unsettling elements got settled. The movement continued the same way that there is shifting for you and many at this time. Simultaneously, there was a gorgeous ocean, beautiful weather, and sunshine, and you were in a new house with your family and your two pets. One from the present and one from the past”

I understood. Like the broken showers, the bloating and belly discomfort are signaling the shifting and re-arranging going on. Deeper layers of identities about my hair, my body, and self-expression are being re-visited, re-known, and expanded to be integrated. Yet, underneath it all, there is still a sense of equilibrium. Perhaps, I can continue to tend to my belly by being with it from a place of love. I do not need to pathologize it or be quick to fix it. I can just connect to it, give it love and listen.

As I write this post, I am reminded that there is much more to the body than organs working efficiently so that we can do what we want to do. The body holds magnificent power that helps us heal. There is a reason why body-oriented therapies such as Somatic Psychotherapy have proven to be so effective. My guides often say: “You are invited to use your physical vessel to connect with a deeper level of consciousness.

When you drop into the body you go deeper within the layers of who you are and beyond therefore accessing aligned multidimensional energies” 

Therefore, I would like to encourage you to tend to your body in any way that resonates with you. We are invited to harness the power of this free, completely accessible technology by bringing our awareness to it, connecting to the breath, and setting the intention to listen. What is your belly saying? what is the tension in your shoulders communicating beyond the tension? If there are any images, thoughts, or sensations coming through, see if you get curious about what they seem to be communicating to you. 

The other day I had a headache and was feeling tired, so I decided to do gentle, slow yoga on my own, just following what my body wanted to do. After a moment, I found myself speaking to my body as I moved through the poses. As soon as I was done, I wrote down what came through. I know that it may sound corny, but I will still take a risk and share it with you:


“I am honoring my body and what it has experienced. I thank my body for carrying me all these years. I take you for granted sometimes, but you are always here for me and I love every inch of you. You are beautiful and perfect. We are one and from now on I intend to be more mindful of honoring this unity” I thanked the Earth and my breath. I thanked my past and honored where I have been as well as the beautiful place where I am and the wonderful adventures ahead. It was so heartfelt and organic that my body responded and the headache disappeared. I felt better. I was full of gratitude!

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