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Transpersonal-Spiritual Development and Coaching

This service focuses on your transcendental, spiritual journey to embody the Divine energy within and your connection to the Universal force energy. When we allow our consciousness to expand and our Divine Light to shine bright, we are able to remember that we are deeply and energetically connected to the Universe. This experience of Oneness and profound connection to All that exists, awakens our limitless capacity for curating the life that we envision. 

If you see yourself as sensitive and intuitive, this service would be a great fit for you. Being highly sensitive and intuitive is a gift and, I would say, a Superpower. Yet, for many, the experience of being intuitive feels overwhelming. As a result, sometimes we "shrink" ourselves and "dim" our Light. However, this is not what we are meant to do. We are meant to express the magic of our soul allowing it to shine bright and encourage others to do the same. I am thrilled to show you how to ground and clear your energy and to establish healthy boundaries so that you can celebrate and futher develop your Divine gifts and express the magic of your beautiful soul. Through practices such as breathwork, meditation, visualization and energy work, I support you in your path to greater consiousness, deeper integration of mind, body and spirit, and the embodiment of your true power as the Divine being of Light that you are!

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in walking this beautiful, magical path.  

Transpersonal Development and Coaching

Invest: $200

Receive: 50 minutes virtual session

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