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The curious paradox is when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. What I am is enough if I would only be it openly.”  Carl Rogers.

Meet Emilce

 Meet Emilce 
Pronouns she/her/Ella

I'm an Intuitive Afro-Latinx psychotherapist, energy healer, and channel excited to support you in your journey to lasting transformation and embodiment of your true Self.

I was born and raised in Colombia and have been living in New York for 20 years. Being a healer has been a wonderful gift. After 15 years, it is still an honor and a joy to witness the profound growth and expansion of the people I have the privilege to work with. 

“The curious paradox is when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. What I am is enough if I would only be it openly.”
This quote from Carl Rogers is at the core of my work as a psychotherapist and healer. I believe that the path to healing begins with the experience of being truly seen and celebrated for all of your identities and parts that make up the whole of you. My journey of healing has been filled with beautiful and also painful, yet powerful experiences. All of it made it possible for me to see and celebrate who I am in Truth.

Meditation, channeling, and other mind-body-spirit practices helped me reconnect with my Higher Self and the Divine within. As I dived into my spiritual opening, it became clear that I was being called to expand my intuitive gifts and integrate them into my work with clients. Thus, through training on energy work, channeling, and intuitive healing, I learned how to ground and clear my energy and how to mindfully and lovingly allow the release and peeling of the layers to become a more integrated human being. As I continued to expand, I developed a foundational structure that can hold a higher energetic vibration. This does not mean that I am joyful and peaceful every moment of my life. I am still expanding, releasing, and evolving. It means that when something is activated in me, I can be with what is, move the energy through me, and bring myself back to balance and to an even more expansive state of being. It gives me the greatest joy to help others learn how to do the same. 

Illuminated Rock

A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Healing   

I have formal training in contemporary psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapy as well as attachment theory and trauma-informed care with a social justice lens. In addition, I bring a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to psychotherapy and healing as I believe that we are all essentially Divine beings of Light living a human experience. In the psychotherapy frame, my modality and techniques are also informed by concepts from Internal Family Systems (IFS), mindfulness therapy, and energy work. I offer an affirming and collaborative space for the exploration of Self and connecting to your Divine Light through mind, body, and spirit practices so that you can move beyond the unloving narratives that get in the way of embodying your true Self and curating the life that you envision.


I also offer Transpersonal-Spiritual Development and Coaching. The term transpersonal refers to going beyond the personal into the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience for a greater expansion of consciousness. Through meditation, channeling, and energy work, we embark on a journey of remembrance and rediscovery. This service is beneficial for those seeking integration of mind, body, and spirit and a deeper connection to the Universe and the Divine within. 

Sacred indigenous healing practices such as Cacao Ceremonies can be included in the mind-body-spirit psychotherapy services as well as the Spiritual Development and Coaching services upon request. I also offer post-journeying plant medicine integration services.  


Maya  Angelou used to say, "We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." I believe that your true Self is already that butterfly and that my purpose is to support you in your journey of rediscovery and reconnection to that truth. So, I congratulate you on this step of your journey and I look forward to meeting you!






Mind-Body-Spirit Psychotherapy

Transpersonal-Spiritual Development and Coaching

Groups: Women Healing Together

Cacao Ceremony

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