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Aligning with Mother Earth’s Expansion: Reclaiming Your Power and Letting Go

Updated: Feb 7

An image comes to mind… two planet Earths side by side. Are they two different Earths, two dimensions, or two realities? 

As Earth expands and elevates in consciousness, you may feel as though you live in two different Earths simultaneously. On one Earth you feel called to do the things that you are passionate about. You see beauty that you had not noticed before. You step into your power, you share your voice, and you become aware of potentialities within you and in people around you. You experience breakthroughs. You or someone you know shifts their perspective. This new perspective feels more expansive, more whole, and authentic.

On the second Earth, you feel judged or overpowered. An outcome that you have been waiting for gets unexpectedly delayed. You or people around you experience waves of irritability, sadness, overwhelm, or confusion. Part of it appears to relate to external circumstances and part of it seems to come out of nowhere. 

You may experience these two very different realities in one week, perhaps in one day, or even in one hour. And it feels as though, you are living in two Earths or two realities that play out very differently and that evoke contradictory vibrational states. One state feels expansive, the other feels constrictive. You may say, well, isn’t that a normal part of life? 

Yes, but Mother Earth’s expansion and elevation of consciousness seem to amplify this experience of opposites. Both realities show up with increased intensity. There is an unwinding, disruptive force that reveals what needs to be released. At the same time, there is a liberating, emerging force that allows for something new.  

Mother Earth is expanding rapidly. As she expands, you are expanding with her. As you embody more of your soul energy, as you weave your energy with multidimensional energies from the Earth and the Cosmos, there is also an unavoidable unwinding of old structures that takes place. Pockets of stagnated energy need to be released. You are being invited to integrate the new and alchemize the old. 

Stagnated energy can feel like a grip causing discomfort. Noticing the discomfort that arises is helpful as it signals what's happening inside.

You can lovingly speak to these stagnated energies. Remind them who they are in essence: Divine Light whose nature is to expand and move freely back into flow. The release of the grip will happen eventually, but the exercise of bringing your attention to the body to support this release can make the process go more smoothly. Accordance and allowance are key elements here because rushing the release, judging what feels uncomfortable, or bypassing it is often counterproductive. 

Mother Earth is available to help. She invites you to pause, take a deep breath, and call her energy into the body. Then, you are welcome to drop into your sacred heart bringing your awareness to your chest and setting an intention to allow the stagnated energies to soften and let go, not by command, but by invitation. 

When dealing with the ups and downs, the intense opposite realities, we suggest that you check in with yourself throughout the day and notice what you choose to align with. Notice how that feels in the body. See if emotions and narratives are playing out. When we say “choose”, we understand that this choice is unconscious. This is why it is so important to not dwell in the judgment of yourself for the alignment with any given energy. It does not matter if you are aligned with despair causing you to feel constriction because you can always check in with that feeling, validate it, perhaps explore what it may be connected to, and then set the intention to shift your vibrational state back to expansiveness. You can go from what appears to be a lack of control, to a reclamation of your power.

Mother Earth invites you to embody your Sovereignty. When you are in Sovereignty, you are in your power. We are not talking about the power to control things. On the contrary, we are referring to the power to surrender the need to control. When you are in sovereignty, you are in your intention, but you are also in flow. You choose to be in your sacred heart and with what is. When you are with what is from a place of Sovereignty, you trust that what is is what is and that nothing is permanent. 

This doesn't mean that you are not going to have moments of despair, rage, judgment, or overwhelm. It means that when you are overwhelmed, you remember to drop into the sacred heart to listen to your inner wisdom and to receive the guidance that you need so that you can shift your vibrational state. You may gain clarity about what the overwhelm is about and get ideas about what to do about it. You may just accept what is and use the support from the breath and any other mind-body practice of your choice to feel better. What you will see after that is that the Universe responds to your decision accordingly. This response from the Universe may show up as someone calling you to talk about something fun or as a song that plays on the radio that takes your mind off the situation. Whether you decide to reach out to your friend or it is your friend who reaches out to you, both start with your choice to arrive at the sacred heart, embody your Sovereignty, and shift your vibrational state back to balance, back to flow.

Whether this takes you seconds, minutes, or days, just remind yourself that energy is meant to move freely and that with consistent practice, you can navigate these shifts and will be able to move more smoothly from constriction into expansiveness. Also, stay tuned for an audio-guided meditation coming soon.

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