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An Invitation from Divine Mother Earth

Humanity is undergoing a major process of shifting, unveiling, unweaving, and restructuring. This process although necessary may make us feel ungrounded and in dis-ease. While Mother Earth’s energy elevates and expands to higher levels of consciousness, it merges with other cosmic energies that support this Universal expansion. This profound weaving of multidimensional energies is happening at the individual level and the collective level. As we expand, shift, and evolve and as we peel the layers, we are shown different aspects and parts of ourselves. While some of these parts feel more expansive and loving, others may feel constrictive and unnerving. Therefore, we are being called, we are being invited to be with what is, to notice what happens within and around us, to feel, and to experience what is from a place of love.

But being with what is can feel scary, heartbreaking, and even chaotic at times. And when we experience discomfort, we are likely to want it to disappear. This is why the Spirit of Mother Earth is eager and delighted to help. She brings in her Divine, grounding energy and makes it available to us. Her invitation is to mindfully allow her to come up through the bottom of the feet, all the way through our body. She invites us to arrive at our sacred heart, our heart energy center. As we take deep breaths, we bring our awareness to the area of our chest where the heart energy center resides. We then, allow for each breath to bring all our presence and all our energy back to the body so that we can be here in the present moment. We do this by intention. Nothing else is required. Mother Earth is gently and lovingly inviting us to set this intention. As we take deep breaths bringing ourselves back to presence, she takes care of the rest. Her energy calls in all of our parts. Our human parts and our divine parts. All make the whole divine being that we are. She gently and lovingly uses her energy and the depth of our breath to bring our body, our mind, our inner child, and our ego back to alignment, back to Unity. Each part of our human existence receives an invitation to join in the sacred heart. Again, nothing else is required from you. She invites you to resist the need to intellectualize this communication. There is nothing for you to do, but to set the intention to receive this invitation and to allow the process to unfold in divine accordance. 

Divine accordance is referred here to the idea of agreement and alignment. Often, we tend to want to force things. We want some things to happen faster, we want some things to happen this way or that way. The truth is, sometimes, there are parts of us that are not ready, that need a bit more time to feel comfortable and ready to join in, to be in agreement. Therefore, Mother Earth reminds us to be patient, to be kind, and to allow for each part to join in alignment at its own pace. The body, the mind, the ego, and the inner child are likely to welcome this opportunity to join in only when they feel ready. Our bodies in particular have gone through a lot. So, we use our breath and a genuine heart-centered intention to be with what is and with wherever we are, from a place of love and allowance. We lovingly and gently invite our bodies and all aspects of us to join in alignment, in divine accordance, in divine Unity.   

This blog is co-created by the weaving of multidimensional energies. I hold Ceremony with Mama Cacao allowing her spirit to facilitate this weaving. Ceremonial Cacao’s divine property as a heart opener supports my channeling. As a channel, I allow multidimensional energies aligned with me to commune with and merge with my energy. Imagine a braid, imagine multiple threads weaving with each other. My energy and my guides’ energies merge and weave together along with the energy of Mama Cacao. In this sense, my channel bridges the physical and the energetic, the Earth and the Cosmos. The seen and the unseen. This happens in alignment and divine accordance. In Unity consciousness. 

My guides, led by the Divine Mother Earth want to remind us that all of us are channels and that we can all co-create the desires from our sacred heart by allowing this weaving. Communing with Mama Cacao is not the only facilitator for heart opening. There are many tools available to us such as breathwork, meditation, energy work, mindful movement, intuitive dance, and a vast array of ancient and modern body-mind-spirit practices. It is a matter of finding what resonates. I will be using this space to share different body-mind-spirit exercises that I have learned, use daily, and find very helpful. I am also delighted to share about my use of these practices and channeling experiences with you.

Thank you for receiving this channeled message and Mother Earth’s invitation. I welcome your shares about any resonance with this communication and invitation.

In deep gratitude and peace. 

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